So Im Looking To Get A New PC......

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I've spent over 7 years with a laptop that barely works now outside of being a glorified phone charger so I'm looking to finally get something new. I went on PC Specialist and this is what I'm looking at.......

Chassis & Display
Recoil Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD 72 % NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080)
Processor (CPU)
Intel® Core™ i7 Six Core Processor 8750H (2.6GHz, 4.3GHz Turbo)
Memory (RAM)
16GB Corsair 2400MHz SODIMM DDR4 (2 x 8GB)
Graphics Card
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 - 6.0GB GDDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1
1st Hard Disk
Memory Card Reader
Integrated 2 in 1 Memory Card Reader (SD, MMC)
AC Adaptor
1 x 150W AC Adaptor
Recoil II Series 46WH Lithium Ion Battery
Power Cable
1 x 1 Metre Cloverleaf UK Power Cable
Thermal Paste
Sound Card
2 Channel High Def. Audio + SoundBlaster™ Cinema 3
Bluetooth & Wireless
GIGABIT LAN & WIRELESS INTEL® AC-9560 M.2 (1.73Gbps, 802.11AC) +BT 5.0, vPRO
USB Options
1 x USB 3.1 PORT (Type C) + 2 x USB 3.1 PORTS + 1 x USB 2.0 PORT
Keyboard Language
Operating System
Genuine Windows 10 Home 64 Bit - inc. Single Licence [KK3-00003]
Operating System Language
United Kingdom - English Language
Windows Recovery Media
Windows 10 Multi-Language Recovery Image - Unlimited Downloads from Online Account
Office Software
FREE 30 Day Trial of Microsoft® Office® 365
BullGuard™ Internet Security - Free 90 Day License inc. Gamer Mode
Microsoft® Edge (Windows 10 Only)
Notebook Mouse
3 Year Standard Warranty (1 Month Collect & Return, 1 Year Parts, 3 Year Labour)
Build Time
Standard Build - Approximately 4 to 6 working days

Price £1,179.00 including VAT and delivery

Any thoughts? Would this last me quite a while given how fast gaming graphics are evolving?. Also before it's brought up, yes I know a desktop PC is preferable since you can upgrade it. Thing is I don't really have the room for one, at least at the moment


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Looks pretty good. The general advice these days is to get the best GPU you can afford, as that tends to be the thing that bottlenecks first - but for 1080p gaming, the 1060 is a great chip that should last you well.


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I mean how long it'll last will depend entirely on how willing you are to dial down some graphical settings in games as time goes on, the 1060 is a pretty decent card for the cost (well, it was when I bought my 6gb version for £200, price shot up soon after but I think it's coming back down now and laptop version may not have even been affected).

As above says always go for the best GPU you can afford, that said I'd personally be putting a SSD in any laptop at this point, mainly because of past issues I've had with mechaical drives in laptops (I mean I'm sure they're fine or companies wouldn't put them in them, but I've had too many fail on me at this point). The speed of an SSD is very nice too (one of the best upgrades you can give a laptop imo), of course they are far more expensive and if you need 1TB then it's probably not an option.
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Decent build on a budget, as @Teapot said, don't be afraid to spend more on a cpu, it'll last you abit longer before it feels obsolete for newer games or programs, I'd spend abit more on A 1440p or a 4k display, it's not just the res many of those screens just seem to be better quality whichever you buy, if you can afford it make sure that SSD is a m.2, it does cost a little bit more than a standard SSD you might see someone getting for a desktop, but most standard laptop builds use them now, and the speeds are insane, I use one in my desktop, though the storage is a bit small, I just use a 2tb HDD for games.
The graphics though? 1060 or 1070 (If you can use them) were good, they didn't cost too much, but you can think cryptojockeys for that one,
Have you heard of chilliblast? They'd be able to put almost anything together, including laptops, I got a totally custom laptop from them before, as far as games went it was easily as good as a PlayStation at the time (I think "at the time" would have been ps3, yours might be as good as a ps4, better parts coming down in price and that)

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The CPU on this is the only one available for it. At least it's an 8th gen six core one though which just got added to the sites range of PCs. Also there is no 4K monitor option for this laptop. I'm not bothered though, 1080p is good enough for me anyway

Also a 4K screen would jack up the price beyond what I'm willing to spend anyway
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Also a 4K screen would jack up the price beyond what I'm willing to spend anyway
-.- I imagine the m.2 would be just out of reach too. Only thing i can say in top of that is you might have to look around for a price on the graphics, as I've said since people want any cards to mine currency there's been a move to price some people off the market


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That’s a good point, I didn’t notice the mechanical drive initially. If I were you, I’d serious consider getting an SSD instead of/in addition to that mechanical drive. It’ll make virtually no difference in FPS, but boot and load times will be much quicker, to the point where ta the biggest perceived performance improvement it’s possible to make to a computer right now. If it’s not in budget right now, I’d genuinely suggest hanging fire until you have the money for an SSD – I think you’ll appreciate the extra speed, and it’ll give your computer an awful lot more life going forward.


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If that system has an option for a second hard drive, I'd suggest that if the storage is required have the first as an SSD and the second as a spinning platter (or if they offer firecuda drives and it only has the option for one drive pick that as it'll still be better then a standard spinning platter drive) because that 5400RPM spinning platter drive will bog down the boot time badly.

Also, scrap the anti-virus trial as there's better free options out there.

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So I bit the bullet and added a 250GB SSD drive which jacked up the price to at least £1250......but if it means a longer lasting gaming laptop then so be it

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Is that SATA SSD or M.2?

If its M.2 then take note of those Read/Write speeds listed! while not "slow" compared to mechanical.. Some of those are more aimed towards storage rather than OS/Games (such as WD Blue M.2)

Personally I would be sticking to Samsung SSD's/M.2's.

But I'm pretty bias as every build I've done in the last few years has had Samsung main drives. Other brands might be better

~~~Take note I've not had /that/ much experience other than about a year with M.2 drives in general so can't vouch for their reliability~~~


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Lol you're joking right 1000+ for video card that's Allegedly slower then the Titan Xp and the gtx 1080ti I don't think so.
The RTX series cards haven’t had any benchmarks released, so it’s impossible to know how they run. The whole “30fps at 1080p” thing people have seized upon is someone reading an FPS meter in an unoptimised pre-release game with ray-tracing enabled (an extremely costly technology), running on prerelease drivers and hardware. Don’t believe the hype (good or bad) until review units go out to people who can do real benchmarks. It’s very likely that in a straight comparison, each card is 20-25% more powerful than its predecessor, in line with previous cards.

In any case, the cheapest RTX card, the 2070, is still way out of budget, and there isn’t a mobile variant for the 20xx cards announced yet, so it’s all a bit of a moot point.


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I think you should buy nvidia rtx with video card xD
Suggesting a GPU that hasn't been released, doesn't have any actual benchmarks and is most likely never going to be available for laptops since nvidia is trying to kill off the MXM connection for GPUs in laptops would make me post an image of someone laughing along with several Picard facepalm pictures.

Also, are you a humon or a bot because considering that you revived a 4 month old thread, I'm suspecting that you are the latter.