Single Volume Manga


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I go to a book club with some friends and the new annual voting for the group booklist is coming up. Can anyone recommend a good stand-alone single volume manga?
As opposed to volume 1 of this or volume 1 of that, I'm thinking like an actual book and self contained story or maybe anthology? Something like MW or Uzumaki?



The first Ghost in the Shell even though there are more books is Stand Alone ;)
As with @Watanabe Ken. All You Need is Kill is good.
And if you want something a bit less actiony In This Corner of the World is an enjoyable and informative read.

st_owly (witch)

I can recommend a few. How tolerant are your audience for mature content? If that's not a problem, Sakuran, In Clothes Called Fat and Insufficient Direction by Moyoco Anno are good, as are Pink and Helter Skelter by Kyoko Ozaki.