Simulwatch schedule and suggestions list


Thousand Master
A mission for a Thousand Master? 😅

I see what you did there! :)

It's simple maths but at 3 episodes a day it's a whole years worth of watching... even if it's good, I'd only really consider it if I had more or less ran out of other things to watch I think.

It's alright he only did 1 episode 😜 No. 199!
The film was the sixth OP film, I don't know if can be watched out of context or not though.

Probably not!

Girls with Guns

Oooh, well I'd vote for Death Parade, Noein, or Durarara!! - if I were voting to participate. But, I am incapable of writing reviews or delving into giving any opinion, even for individual episodes, beyond stating that I either loved it, hated it, or it was meh. So why it is I don't participate in any of these. I just watch anime for entertainment, and don't dwell on what my thoughts are about it publicly any deeper than that. Oh well. 😔
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