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Arrrrgh, I'm so frustrated, I'm a fan of Shenmue, and Shenmue 2 is one of the geatest games I have ever played. I have waited so long for news about whether they are definetely going to/not going to make Shenmue 3 and carry on the story. Apparently it cost a bomb to make the Shenmue games but they did not sell too well, this I don't understand as any RPG/adventure game fan would love them, anyway I've heard plenty of rumours about it and I'm just wondering if any of you know anything about it, because surely one of the greatest game storylines ever told must be finished, thanks.
Shenmue is such a classic game, I remember clearly buying it in Woolworths on the 3rd of December 2000, after my prelim maths exam (which I failed miserably!).
It was snowing on that day in Shenmue when I turned it on. Ah, nostalgic memories!

Anyway onto Shenmue3 - apparently there are some rumours flying about that it will appear on a next-gen console, bundled with Shenmue 1 & 2 with it. It seems unlikely but you never know!

However, SEGA made a Shenmue like game just newly released on the PS2 in Japan. It's called Ryu ga Gotoku where you play as a man who encounters the Yakuza, and it's more in line with a GTA spliced Shenmue type story. It got 37/40 by Japan's highly rated magazine Famitsu - so it can't be bad!

But I want Shenmue 3! :shock:
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i can honestly say in all truth the 2 best games ive ever played are Final Fantasy and Shenmue i was lucky enough to have all the games shenmue 1 & 2 on DC then owned 2 again on xbox i rember when it first came out i was not long in highschool and i found on one of my numerous gaimng sites and i was hooked by the idea of it i think out of about 15 people i showed it to about 5 including me liked it but for those who cast it aside shame on

the game was real i mean for the time the graphics were mind blowing but the characters had depth the seetings really looked like the places they were drawn from and just the whole atmosphere in the game was superb.

shenmue dojo thats a great site porpably the best for news on the shenmue saga

i too was so annoyed when after all this thime yu comes out and says its partly done textures ans story but there is no plans for development at this time but if it was ever made (and he clearly states he wants to make it again) that he would be in charge so no worries of the game going down the crapper. unfortuanlty i think were gonna have to wait just a litle bit longer before we get ryo outta that cave.

"he came from a far distant land" sorry just memories:)


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Has there been any news on Ryu ga Gotoku getting a release in the UK, i just watched the video and it looks great. I got shenmue 2 on the xbox, never got round to finishing it but it was a class game.


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you're not alone buddy; shenmue I and II are up there in my best of list; and i need more. At the moment, I doubt anything will come; they were made and sold at such a loss, that sega can't afford to do it again; yet.

However, maybe in a couple of years time; now that sega is back on its feet and making profit, it could turn into a reality.


a possible reason for them not selling well was Sega pulling the dreamcast when they were just getting established (then again, Sega made the worst mistake it has ever done when it took a full year to get the dreamcast to america and europe. killing what would have been a dominating time lead of two years over the PS2) also, the orgional copy of shenmue 2 wasn't english dubbed.

I'm very much a fan myself, but when sega complains about them not selling well, they were the ones who shot themselves in the foot.


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if the money is/was there then he would but its kinda like advent children do you think that film would of been made it there wasnt millions of FF fans wanting a re-make of FFVII?

well its kinda the same with shnemue cuz lets be honest if you aint played either of the 2 games this game just wont appeal to joe public and theres only like 20,000 shenmue fans who even botherd to sign the massive petetion so that doesnt even come close to what would be needed to make a turn around unless the game was £

but yeah kinda a shame to just leave it like that id like to be honestly i said my good bye to this game a few weeks ago cuz YU has actually OFFICIALY confired there are NO plans to continue so its pretty much not looking good


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Dragon of Heaven said:
fowler said:
Arrrrgh, I'm so frustrated, I'm a fan of Shenmue, and Shenmue 2 is one of the geatest games I have ever played.

Check this out, i'm not sure if its Shenmue 3 but it is the third game.

That was a trailer for a different Shenmue game, Shenmue online, it was released a while back I think but I haven't seen it in any shops o_O, thanks anyway though.

Anyhoo as much as I want the game series to continue, I am so desperate to find out what happens in the rest of the story that I, even though it wouldn't be the same, would be happy with a book (or even better, a manga ^^) version just carrying on the story or whatever, but really want the game ! >.>


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Shenmue 3. For many people its the game people would most love to see made (I certainly would). I wonder if it would have the impact on today's video game climate as the first two did 5 and 6 years ago?

I loved both games music. The theme tune was fantastic.