Shameless self-promotion


Death Scythe
My own site,, is now online. In theory, there are music, anime, film/TV reviews, some chapters of an eva fanfic i'm working on, and a forum. unfortunately, there are a few teething problems that want sorting out (broken links and whatnot), but i'll have those seen to in a the next few days. cheers!


Ghost of Animes
Looks good. I like the simplicity of the layout; easy to navigate and likable colour scheme (though perhaps you should re-consider the link colors? Dark blue is rather hard to read on a back background). As you know, I'm a big fan of your writing, so I'll be bookmarking this one! ;)


Stand User
:D Nice layout , and well written content ! The only thing I can see a problem with ( as Paul already mentioned ) is dark blue writing on black background is fiendishly hard to read.


Thousand Master
Whoa as soon as I looked on your site I felt a weird connection i.e.
I love Eva
I love Spaced
I love SOTD
I love Battle Royale
I love Sleepy Hollow
I love Him
I love Smashing pumpkins



Death Scythe
lol who knows, eh?anyways, i've got the links colour changed and the whole thing is beginning to look a bit tidier. i've added an anime section as well (the only bit that's still under construction), which includes info pages on Eva and Akira. i nver realised how many eva DVDs there are...


Death Scythe
i've given the whole thing an overhaul. the text is mostly the same but the format has been completely recoded from scratch and there are some extra pages added. now all i have to do is check all the links work before i go on holiday on Friday...typing out html is tedious!