Shadowcat's Stuff for Sale

Put everything in a Google Doc

Huge Sale List

Prices does include 2nd class postage, although any order over £40 will be free post 1st class
PM me if you want to buy something or any offers

Adult Titles - Over 18's only please
Blood Shadow - £5 (R1)
Fuzzy Lips - £10 (R1)
Heartwork - Free with any other Adult title, also on orders over £40 (but you must mention this in the PM as I wont just send this to the first person to make a £40+ order for quite obvious reasons)
Kanajo x Kanajo x Kanajo - £10 (R1)
LA Blue Girl Returns - £10 (R1)
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Unfortunately I'm mostly after selling to get some space as I'm moving in 3 months time


Edit. Got a message on MyFigureCollection but they have a Full Inbox so I can't reply, hopefully they will see it here

T-shirt is from the Clannad Kickstarter in Medium Size
(Pictured is the Large Size T-shirt, but they both have the same design)
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I'd be a bit interested in the Yuki Yuuna Volumes. But more as a trade. Does perhaps something pick your eyes from my list?
How did you end up with two copies of Hanayamata :/

I think there is only one title I haven't got from your list what I really should have got by now, but it would mean splitting and its on your list as a maybe not sell



Thousand Master
I bought UK one first and then forgot I bought it and wound up buying the Sentai one and then thought I'd perhaps rather have the UK one after all. So I got that, and now I have 3. I did do a facepalm session when I found the first one in the corner of my backpile...

Is there anything specific you are looking for? I still have a bunch on my watching pile. (Mainly Funis and Sentais, but also a couple of others,)