Shadowcat's Stuff for Sale

More than happy to consider offers


All items are in used condition, please ask for condition of items if you require Good or Like New. Although most are this condition, some items may have marks or damages

Added a few figures

C Grade - Displayed Condition, may be misding parts, damaged, or no box.

Ask for more pics if needed

Sales - Google Drive

Moved list over to Ebay as it will be a lot easier to update

madog4uk on eBay
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Unfortunately I'm mostly after selling to get some space as I'm moving in 3 months time


Edit. Got a message on MyFigureCollection but they have a Full Inbox so I can't reply, hopefully they will see it here

T-shirt is from the Clannad Kickstarter in Medium Size
(Pictured is the Large Size T-shirt, but they both have the same design)
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