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Shadowcat's Stuff for Sale

Prices does include 2nd class postage, although any order over £40 will be free post 1st class
PM me if you want to buy something or any offers

Bluray - Used unless otherwise stated

A Certain Magical Index £20
[New] Black Butler Book of Circus [Collectors Edition] £15
[NEW] Place Promised + Voices [Standard] £7

[New] Erased Part 1 [Collectors Edition] £20 ~Hold~
[NEW] HAL [Limited Edition] £10 ~hold~
[NEW] Tokyo Marble Chocolate [Collectors Edition] £6 ~hold~

Anohana Standard Edition NIS - £20
[NEW] Darker than Black Season 2 £23
Yuki Yuna is a hero Complete Parts 1, 2 and 3 (Preorder Bonus included) - Offers - Would be looking for about £150

K-on Japanese Bluray Seasons 1 + 2 - Offers - would be looking for about £250

DVD - Used unless otherwise stated

Guyver Bioboosted Armor (Manga UK DVD set) £15

Myself Yourself £10

Junkers Come Here £2
Now And There, Here And There £5
Powerpuff Girls £4 [Thai edition]

Bluray Live Action - Used unless otherwise stated

[New] Alien Steel Book £10
[New] Aliens Steel Book £10
[New] Alien 3 Steel Book £10
[New] Alien Resurrection Steel Book £10
#All 4 for £25
[New] Walking Dead 1-4 £7

Adult Titles - Over 18's only please
Blood Shadow - £5 (R1)
Fuzzy Lips - £10 (R1)
Heartwork - Free with any other Adult title, also on orders over £40 (but you must mention this in the PM as I wont just send this to the first person to make a £40+ order for quite obvious reasons)
Kanajo x Kanajo x Kanajo - £10 (R1)
LA Blue Girl Returns - £10 (R1)


Clover Clamp Manga (New) £9
Death Note Black Edition 1+2 (New) £10 the pair


All my figures are on here:

Ads (Page 1 of 2) | chaotico | MyFigureCollection.net


[New] Patema Inverted Mug £5
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Unfortunately I'm mostly after selling to get some space as I'm moving in 3 months time


Edit. Got a message on MyFigureCollection but they have a Full Inbox so I can't reply, hopefully they will see it here

T-shirt is from the Clannad Kickstarter in Medium Size
(Pictured is the Large Size T-shirt, but they both have the same design)

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