Selling Stuff I have no plans to watch


Selling: (Blu-Ray) including UK P&P
Attack on Titan S1 SE Blu ray A LOCKED -£ 15
Sailor Moon S1 & R AUS £40
Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 LE AUS £15
Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 US LE - £80
Noragami (ALs S2 CE and mangas S1) - £20
ALs Kill la Kill CEs With box but defective part 3 - £80
FUNis Hyouka part 1 & 2 - £20

Eureka Seven US LE pt 1 & 2 -£25
AOA Durarara x2 - £150-200
Steins;Gate Elite Switch - £20
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can I have some pictures of MP 100 if possible please, also am I correct in thinking that its region A and B?


No dents, only p4GA was been watched once then sat on my shelf for two years and FMAb since Jan.
I would buy a box and bubble wrap and wrap each item in bubble wrap and then fill any left space in the box with bubble wrap too so the items wouldn’t move and seal the box with packaging tape so it’s sturdy. I would do them both for £100.
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Sounds good to me, sadly packages have a habit of arriving to me with dents and only bubblewrap can save the items inside. I’d be happy to take them off your hands though would you be willing to wait a few days or so for payment or would you want it now? How much would shipping be?