Selling some Blu-Rays


Straw Hat Pirate
Hi all!

Decided that having not watched anything anime wise in months that my collection of what I have is better off with someone who will actually watch them.

I have no pricing in mind yet as I have no idea how to value these things anymore. If you could offer a price you think is fair and we can go from there.

Everything is Blu Ray except for one DVD set I accidentally bought. I would also like to sell a series that are in parts in a set rather than individually as they are harder to sell.

Reserved (R)

-Tiger & Bunny Films 1 & 2 Collectors
-Space Dandy Season 1 Collectors
-Gurren Lagann Standard
-Blood Lad Collectors

Cheers guys and happy shopping.
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Straw Hat Pirate
I have them all packaged up and ready to go, I've been away this weekend so haven't really had an opportunity to get them to you. I'll will send them very soon and get you a price for postage.