Selling a lot of stuff on eBay


Thousand Master
Hi guys,

I know it doesn't look like I've been around here for a while - when uni kicked in, I lost a lot of my free time, but I've still been reading the front page every day, and I occasionally take a look at the forums to see how everyone's getting on.

I'm having a big clearance right now - partially because my bank balance has dwindled recently, partly because I need some shelf space. But there's a lot of stuff that I just need to get rid of. So I remembered you had a marketplace forum, and asked permission to put them here. There are some really good offers here (well, I think, anyway) - a lot of this stuff I just want rid of.

So here we go. All prices are buy it now.

Elemental Gelade Volumes 1-8 - £20

I also have some other non-anime stuff up, so have a browse if you want some... Megadeth beer mats, or something. And obviously, I will combine postage for multiple items, if possible.

Thanks =)


Thousand Master
I've made some price reductions for the last few days of the auction. The original post is updated to reflect these changes.