Second Spin credit card issues...


Straw Hat Pirate
Has anyone else had credit card issues with using their credit card on SecondSpin? I have been trying to use my VISA but it keeps rejecting my address. I have contacted their C/S but they just say my bank is saying the address is wrong, I contact my bank and they say it's right.

Anyone else had a similar problem before?


State Alchemist
That's interesting, that's more or less exactly what happened to me a while back with It never got resolved. I still can't order from them with my credit or debit cards.


Karamatsu Boy
I have had no problems with any of my cards on their site. I've been on the other side of this when a new postcode or something is set up and the banks don't sync their databases in reasonable time leading to confused customers, but it may just be something like a difference in abbreviation or punctuation, hopefully?

They might have an issue with Verified by Visa as I think this was getting rolled out more in the US gradually. Are you enrolled with that card?



State Alchemist
Rui said:
Verified by Visa
Please, do not mention it's name. If this appears when I'm trying to buy something I feel like punching a hole in my monitor. There are a limit to the number of numerical codes and passwords I can store in my head. I have an account number and a sort code. I have a pin number for each card. I have an on-line banking account number, pin number and password. I have a telephone banking pin number. The fact that I ran out of opt-outs of Verified by Visa* and was forced to enrol felt very much like the straw which severely crippled the camel's back to the point where if I have to remember even one more single piece of information to do with banking, my bank is going to become a trendy wine bar courtesy of Vyacheslav Molotov.

*Imagine me saying it the way Guybrush says Porcelain in Monkey Island 3.


Dragon Knight
I have had no problems with second spin. Has your county changed like mine was Mid Glamorgan and is now Rhondda Cynon Taff some places see them as interchangeable but some want one or the other depending on their database. Also do you have a dependent locality that may or may not be used in your address like parts of some towns that people use but are not always necessary.

Your best bet would be to contact your bank/credit card provider and see exactly how they have your address and then make sure you input it the same way on sites when using that card.