Screen Anime April 2021 Line-up Adds Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, Production I.G Shorts, 009 Re:Cyborg


Grav's End Harem
AUKN Staff
Makoto Shinkai's 2011 film, Kenji Kamiyama's CG 009 Cyborg film, Sunrise's second Tiger & Bunny film, selection of Production I.G shorts and the first half of Eureka Seven share the spotlight for Screen Anime's March to April 2021 slate.

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Vampire Ninja
Pigtails again? It's only been a few months since that was last on. Back when Screen Anime started, I worried that they only had enough movie licences to go for a year before they'd have to start repeating titles, and it looks like that was accurate.