Dandy Guy, in Space
Just thought I'd introduce myself - I'm spoonmage.

I've been lurking here for a while, by the suggestion of a friend of mine, and thought I'd join up.

Anyway, hail and well met. :mrgreen:


Dandy Guy, in Space
Ian Wolf said:
Hi Spoonmage - what kind of anime/manga are you into?

Greetings. I mainly watch Stuff like Fist of the north star, mech shows like Gurren Lagann and GaoGaigar. but i've watched and enjoyed a wide variety of other stuff, like Welcome to the NHK, Chobits and others. the next thing on my to-watch list is a show called Air, on the reccomedation of Max_takeshi here.

HI max - I know you as well. :mrgreen:


The Boss
Hello there and welcome here!

If you're going to watch Air, I recommend you to be ready for an emotional and sad anime.....


And there's me thinking it's espers that use spoons for their tricks - Stop stealing their act!! :p
Well, in either case, welcome to the forums. And if you think he's exaggerating - whatever he said is merely a pinch to what a devastated emotional wreck you will become afterwards!! (Says the man with a heart of stone.)