Saiunkoku Monogatari


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I have found my new anime love and wanted to share it with everyone and suggest you all try it out ^__^

Ever wondered what it would be like if 12 Kingdoms and Fushigi Yuugi were to be mixed together? well this is the impression you will get when you watch Saiunkoku Monogatari (The tale of Saiunkoku/Story of the land of many coloured clouds).

Set in what appears to be ancient China (everything looks very much like Kounan in Fushigi Yuugi), it's a tale about Shuurei Kou is a young girl (16) from a once properous family, who takes on the role of Consort to the disinterested new Emporer; Ryuuki Shi, who has a preference for men and couldn't be less like an Emporer if he tried.
So far the tale is a mixture of court intrigue and light hearted enounters, but you know there is going to be a lot more going on under the surface. Unlike the average anime of this nature, it is actually aimed at a much older audience (the original novels and manga are josei rather than shoujo) and although it has the same kind of appeal that Fushigi Yuugi has (hoards of bishounen, beautiful settings, intriguing storyline), it has the more mature elements that can be found in 12 Kingdoms.

I have to admit that one of the most appealing aspects for me personally are the gorgeous guys! but the storyline has a very appealing edge, with the "is he, isn't he" element to the Emporer and the whole wondering how the romance will come into effect. The characters are very typical to this kind of storyline, but rather than detract, this adds greatly to the enjoyment factor.

If you've been pining for more Fushigi Yuugi, or just fancy watching something filled with eye-candy, but something that also has a bit of bite, then you should really try this out ^__^


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I've been watching this since it started getting subbed, on to the 3rd group so far :lol: . Ryuuki has the best hairstyle of all the main characters, if only I wasn't losing mine :lol:. The OP is one of my faves and I recently "acquired" the OST.


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I love Saiunkoku Monogatari, such attractive artwork, Ryuuki is especially nice, though for some reason i've fallen quite behind on it recently. I must make it my mission to catch up on this series, it is a very beautiful story, and as you say very much akin to Fushigi Yugi :)


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Charter_Mage said:
I love Saiunkoku Monogatari, such attractive artwork, Ryuuki is especially nice
The one strange thing about it is I haven't found a favourite character yet! That's very unusual for me, but because there are so many wonderful characters, it's hard to pin down just 1 I have a preference for (although if Ryuuren was in it more, he would be a likely candidate ^__^).