Rurouni Kenshin: Normal vs Vizbig


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I have the first 8 volumes of Rurouni Kenshin manga for a long time already but never got to buy the rest. I know those Vizbigs came out for a while already but I just found them a few weeks ago and I thought about getting them but I have some problems.

First, I already have the first 8 volumes of the manga so I am not sure if its worth to go for the Vizbigs or to continue with the normal ones...

Also, what are the differences between the normal volumes and the vizbigs (despite the last one having 3 volumes in 1).

Also, the first volume from vizbig seems to be out of stock in a lot of places or with some expensive prices. That first and some other ones... so I am not sure if its easy to get them...

Can anyone help me with this please? I am not that well informed about Manga itself so many thanks


Sorry, I guess I'd just like to know myself.

Vizbigs are definitely a space saver and easier to read with a higher grade of paper that will stay white for longer. I know with Rurouni the covers of the 3 individual volumes were printed as colour pages inside the 1st vizbig, but not inside the 2nd.

I've been debating this for a while, but maybe running out of time.


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Yeah I would like to know too, anyway, I have email up1 to see if they could get hold of some volumes that they dont have in stock at the moment... If they can, i might go for it, despite having the first 8 volumes, I think it might be a bit cheaper than getting the other 20 volumes that I am missing... plus vizbig seems like has more content and a better product quality overall.

Do people visit this manga section or they have no idea about the answer? :mrgreen:


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If you like Rurouni Kenshin and if you can find the volumes I'd say definitely go for it.
I had 7 volumes when the first vizbig came out and I was pondering the very same thing, and now I'm pretty glad I decided to just buy them. One of my concerns was that they would be big and bulky ( as I generally do my reading lying around on convenient surfaces so I don't much like holding something heavy) and they are of course compared to normal TPBs, but hey - I can sit up for a change - the art work looks good, there are a few extras and the occasional colour page. And as an added bonus I quite like the way they look on my shelf hah.


I have all the volumes of the Big Viz edition. Since you already have up to vol 8 i would start at vol 2 of the big viz edition and get vol 1 when its either back in stock or at a reasonable price.

here's the link for vol 1 from viz media's site link there are links from there to other shopping sites that might have it in stock. The prices on are quite reasonable but i don't know what the postage would be like though.