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Ghost of Animes
- There is to be no trading of bootlegs in this forum. If you are found to be doing so, an instant and permenant ban will be enforced on your IP address and username.

- You can not advertise your eBay items here. These threads will be deleted. Similarly, no dealers or online shops.

- Anime UK News is not responsible for any deal you agree here, so make sure you trust the buyer or seller before hooking anything up. Always remember that while we are happy help; we can't do anything about your credit card, paypal account or damaged goods.

- No hentai images are allowed. Linking to them is fine (as long as you provide adequate warning) but pasting them straight into the thread could get us into a bit of trouble. We have 11 and 12 year olds browsing the forum etc. Also, please verify that the person you are selling this stuff to is over 18.

- Finally, have fun and best of luck! :)
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Karamatsu Boy
Just a note to advise that the rule for eBay has been relaxed slightly.

From now on you can post your eBay auctions in the Marketplace so long as the following steps are taken:

1. Please PM one of the mods (or me!) before posting to check that all of your auctions are for legitimate items. eBay is known for its high risk of bootlegs and we are quite strict about discouraging those. Once we tell you it's fine, you can go ahead.
2. Please only link to direct auction pages with descriptions and keep them all together; there's no need for dozens of similar threads all posting different auctions from the same person. Bumping your thread to alert people that the auctions will soon end is fine, within reason.

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