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Karamatsu Boy
Hey. If you've just signed up for these forums (or are thinking about joining up), we would like to make you aware of a few basic forum rules. We're quite relaxed over at AUKN and there's nothing unusual in these rules. However, it's a good idea to skim through them if you're feeling uncertain about something.

Illegal Activities: While we welcome discussion on the latest anime and manga, we would rather you didn't discuss methods of illegally downloading this stuff, buying bootlegs or mentioning sites which help others to access content illegally. Any threads or posts promoting piracy will be deleted. Repeatedly ignoring this rule will lead to more severe punishment.

The Marketplace: This should be obvious, but trading in bootlegs is not allowed in the Marketplace. Please refrain from repeatedly bumping your own thread, too, or posting links to eBay auctions unless the products are confirmed to be legitimate. If you're not 100% sure, PM a staff member and ask them to advise.

Spamming/Advertising: This is a discussion forum, not a place to advertise your own website and fill topics with links. Regulars are welcome to make topics about their personal projects and interesting news items they've found within reason, but signing up just to spam will not be tolerated. If you're not sure, ask a moderator for advice.

Affiliate links: If you post affiliate links on our forum, you must clearly disclose them at the time of posting. A good phrase to use is something like "This post contains affiliate links, which will pay me a commission if you click through and buy something." In addition, please do not include any affiliate links in your forum signature or profile.

Spoilers: We have spoiler tags for a reason. Please be considerate of others and avoid ruining plot points without hiding them behind clearly marked spoiler tags. It doesn't matter whether it's an older series or a new one; spoiling a story isn't nice.

Harassment/Trolling/Flaming/Disruption: Anything which falls under these categories will be dealt with at the discretion of the moderation team. Severe or repeated disruptive posting will result in a ban. For the purpose of clarity, this covers anything from bullying other users to deliberately posting off topic repeatedly to derail discussion. If you aren't sure, please don't post it before asking a moderator for a common sense check.

Offensive Language: We have users of all ages and backgrounds. Please avoid offensive language on the forums. If you make a mistake, and something gets deleted, please consider learning from the error rather than arguing with the moderators.

Offensive Images (including Avatars): We have users of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, posting adult-only or offensive images on the forums or chat channel is not allowed. In addition, deliberately uploading an offensive avatar will result in your avatar being replaced by one of the moderator's choosing, assuming that your account is not banned outright - which may happen in the case of obscene content or repeated rule-breaking. If in doubt, please contact the moderation team in advance to check whether an image is acceptable before subjecting everyone else to it. Light fan service is fine. The moderation team can assist with common sense checks.

Signatures: While we allow short, text-based signatures, we don't allow images in them. They make the pages slow to load for mobile users and deform the site layout, often making threads look cluttered and hard to follow (especially for users with low screen resolutions). You can, however, upload your own tasteful avatar to express your individuality.

Ban Evasion: If you're banned, don't make a new account and pretend to be someone different. You'll only get banned again. It's a waste of time; please avoid doing anything ban-worthy to start with and become part of the community instead. If you have a problem with your ban you can use our contact form or email me to discuss it directly. Ignoring this rule will lead to a permanent ban on all further accounts with no further discussion.

Thanks for reading!

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