Round Two, Battle Four: Sakura vs. Yomiko

Round Two, Battle Four: Sakura vs. Yomiko

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In a slightly odd but necessery match, ROD's The Paper, Yomiko Readman, faces the card captor, Sakura.

Please make sure to visit this week's other battle thread, where Guts and Char face off, and a comment on who you vote is always appreciated.

Thanks. :)
Ooh, this is interesting...

My money (and vote) goes to Yomiko, because although she only controls paper and Sakura has the ability to call upon some much greater powers depending on her card, she only has a finite number of cards and a limited amount of power with which to use them. She'd get exhausted in battle fairly quickly. Yomiko, on the other hand, while she only has paper, also has the ability to change it at her will, making it something much more dynamic than an element by itself.

But, I think Sakura's prettier. Especially in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, heh. Even so, I think Yomiko's the better of the two.
Yomiko is just hard I mean she makes stuff out of paper!!

She would take sakuras cards and turn them into a big hand and b**ch slap her with it.
Still think Yomiko is a bit of a selfish character (my book, wanting to be the main character in the book, whining when she doesn't get her own way etc.). Sakura's much cuter and could take her with the flame card easy!
Yomiko for me. She
took down a samurai in a one-on-one swordfight
, for heaven's sake :D Plus I have to concur with the making-Sakura's-cards-into-a-hand-of-bitchslappy-death thing.
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