Round Two, Battle Five: Ichigo vs. Sousuke

Round Two, Battle Five: Ichigo vs. Sousuke

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It's the final week of the second round, once again Bleach's Ichigo takes centre stage as he combats FMP's Sousuke.

Mangaminx's thread of delectation this week contains Escaflowne's Hitomi and Azumanga's Osaka, so haul yourself over there and get voting!

If you don't leave a comment after your vote, Mangaminx will be sent round to deal with you.

Happy voting!
Ichigo for me, Sousuke is a cool character but in a straight fight Ichigo would kick his ass without breaking a sweat 8)
Sousuke's dedication to duty and bravery in the face of adversity (that includes having the living crap kicked out of him on a regular basis by Kaname) earns my vote again.

he also wrestled a Russian helicopter out of the air with his AS! now that takes some skill.
I voted for Sosuke, even though I haven't seen Bleach. I did look up some info about Ichigo, though, so it's not as if I'm being totally biased ^_^;

Ichigo sounds like a good street fighter, and of course, the ability to see and combat ghosts is always handy. Sosuke isn't a ghost, however, and I reckon with his massive arsenal of military equipment he keeps under his shirt (o_O; ), he'd probably pull something sneaky to finish off the fight.

Ichigo looks better, though. Er, at least when he's not posessed.
I went with Sosuke as its so fun to watch him get beat up on all the time :)i do like Ichigo but he dont get beat up on as much by women so not as funny. :)
I've seen a grand total 3 episodes with Sousuke ( 1 Fumoffu, 2 2nd raid ). Seems like weird kid to be in school. I don't even know who Ichigo is.

Meh, I guess I'll opt out of this one.
i have to vote for Sousuke, his seriousness over everthing makes the show very funny to watch..i haven't seen ichigo myself so i can't say that i can vote there
Well, I'm not too sure Sosuke believes in ghosts, therefore can't see a Death God... Now... That has already given Ichigo an advantage.
But sosuke has a mecha that can create anything (Lander Driver) that the pilot can imagine. Although, Ichigo does have the typical Shounen fighter who has a **** load of Ki, and could kick the Hell outa anything.

I'd say, 1 powerful, unexpected slash from Ichigo = Automatic win. If that dont work, Ichigo could still hack+slash his way to victory :p
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