Round One, Battle Three: Shinji vs. Ayato

Round One, Battle Three: Shinji vs. Ayato

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It's battle of the boy mecha pilots this week as Shinji of Evangelion and the mildly less annoying Ayato of RahXephon fight to go through to the next round.

As always, please please please, comment upon the character you vote, so I can file all preferences away in my secret information file.

Like last time, I have included pictures of both parties for the benefit of all; please make sure to vote in Mangaminx's thrilling Yomiko vs. Seras thread as well, and of course make sure to comment there too.

Much thanks, as per usual. The voting will last for seven days and seven nights.
In a fight between Ayato and Shinji the Evangelion's and RahXephon would certainly come into play. Unfortunately for Shinji he'd be too busy sitting on his **** next to it and whining, and Ayato would quickly use his RahXephon to step on him :p . Of course it has to be Ayato!
I'm going for Ayato, because as well as looking far better than Shinji, he possesses the ability his opponent lacks the most: I can stand watching him without the desire to drive a sledgehammer through the screen. Plus, I also prefer Ayato's series; I see it as improving on the Eva-formula.
Shinji. One of the most memorable, infamous anime characters ever. Ayato is a "nice guy", but nice guys finish last.

I think you will find many of the people vote Ayato because they dislike Shinji rather than actually like Ayato; says it all really. Either go for the generic option of RahXephon or stick with Shinji "Love will tear us apart" Ikari ;)
I'm going to have to go with Shinji, he may be tettering on the periphery of sanity but when it comes to scrapping you have to admit that helps rather than hinders. ;)
Has to be Shinji for me, I'm afraid. If only because of what Unit-01 can do when it really, really goes bananas. I hate Shinji but that doesn't mean that he can't kick some major butt when he has a mind to...
Ayato's cool and gets things done. Shinji's a bit of a loser who doesn't want to be there. But when you think about it, Shinji's literally got God on his side, so he can't lose!
Ayato, he's just so damn amazing, in every way, and his dub voice is really good too. Not just that though, the whole series rocks, (one of my fav series' ever i think!)

Shinji is kind of annoying, and the dub voice was pretty terrible lol.

Whoops notice how i keep on using the dub voice as the plus or minus lol...really must stop that... but it is kind of interesting how the persons voice does so much for the character, i mean if u swapped Ayato and Shinji's dub (English) voices, i think it would be kind of different :roll:

Anyways, i just think Ayato has a X-Factor lol :p :p

EDIT: Just to add, also, Ayato and Haruka... wow that was such a great moment (all the love between Haruka and Ayato, and that Haruka secretly loved Ayato when he was 13 i think it was). Because on the other hand, Shinji never really hit it off with anyone did he... (as far as i can remember. He just got his mind all messed up and tried to unfold it, a wimp to be honest (sorry if this offends anyone lol) (wimp may be too harsh as he did some pretty courageous things) :roll:

PS i am only going off the 26 ep TV series' of both RahXephon and NGE, i havent seen the movies
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Ayato Ayato it's got to be Ayato. Shinji just annoys me for some reason. Maybe it's the mood swings, I dunno...

Plus I always root for the underdog :D
since I've never watched the other one. I'll go with Shinji from the Evangelion manga, not the series.
Bleh, I've actually seen both series and I still think Ayato would win. Perhaps the Eva has more firepower and its berserk capabilities, but the RahXephon's abilities I think are more latent than hardwired. As for the boys themselves...

Ayato's older, more mature, he's (probably) physically and mentally stronger than Shinji. I think he'd win. And I'm not just sayin that because I have a bias towards RahXephon. It's about the characters, ne?
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