Round One, Battle Six: Tohru vs Osaka

Round One, Battle Six: Tohru vs Osaka

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For the sixth battle in this series we have the fight between Tohru Honda, star of Fruits Basket and the Space-Cadet that is Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.

Make sure you comment on who you vote for, and you have 7 days to cast your votes.

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Attatched are pictures of Tohru and Osaka, in case you have forgotten what they look like.


Death Scythe
i haven't seen either anime series but Tohru's character in the manga is so nice i had to vote for her. the whole FB cast are great overall, it has to be said.


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This is one of the hardest rounds yet. I really like both of these characters for different reasons, but eventually plumped for Osaka because she makes being crazy into something funny. Tohru is a really nice character, but I'm not sure if she would be as interesting without being surrounded by the likes of Kyo and Yuki. So yeah, Osaka for the win!


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A hard choice because I like both characters but also find them annoying at times, however, given my love of Fruits Basket in general and Tohru's skill at helping everyone out and dispensing advice, I'm going to have to go for her (plus Osaka is just a little too reminiscent of my brother).


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another unfair choice, i havent seen Azumanga so i don't know anything about Osaka, even thought i would have probably voted for her coz i love all things Excel Saga crazy lol. So i voted for Tohru because Fruits Basket was so awesome and Tohru is such a lovely character (lol i just put person) :p


i voted osaka, as for one i haven't seen much of fruit basket and i think that her absent mindness helps to make azumanga as funny as it is


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Osaka. Sorry to be the one heathen here, but I don't think that highly of Tohru...

*ducks head away from flying fruit baskets*

Plus Osaka wins out for most awesome use of a kitchen knife.

"What knife? Oh, I thought I was holding a frying pan"



I know who Osaka is, but not Tohru...
I'll go with Osaka, only because I've seen all these modified images of her flicking a shoe and blowing stuff up when it falls back down... :D
Wickid stuff.
'tis a hard vote indeed, but I shall go with Tohru because as well as being such a bright, cheerful character she also seems to be the underdog at the moment.
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