Round One, Battle Seven: Naruto vs. Ichigo

Round One, Battle Seven: Naruto vs. Ichigo

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It's the final week of the first round, and I think it's definatly a case of saving the most explosive of the male fights to last. Standing for entry to the second round today we have Kurosaki Ichigo, the strawberry-haired shinigami of Bleach (pictured below with Rukia) facing off for a place in the second round against the ambitious young ninja Uzumaki Naruto of the anime of the same name.

Mangaminx has this week cooked up a climatic battle between magical girl supreme Usagi of Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura, one of CLAMP's favourite daughters. Make sure to vote over there, as well!

And as always, the rule stands - please comment on who you vote! Thanks, and happy voting.


Magical Girl
But you've got a Bleach avatar!

Voted Ichigo mainly because he's got a badass sword. Naruto's a bit of a brat every now and then too.


Stand User
i went for bleach as its something newly and im gettin into it alot more then naruto at the moment (with all the filler eps ) :(


School Idol
Ichigo, probably because of his selflessness and unwavering sense of honour in the face of he has a massive sword, and massive swords are, y'know, cool ;)

Chibi Yosho

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Um... don't they have the same basic personality? The same as most shounen-jump main characters? (Leaving out Kenshin and HxH)

Meh, I dislike them both.


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I don't know, this is the most super difficult one so far, i like both of them. I think i like bleach the series a little more, but very possibly Naruto as a character more, *sigh* i can't decide


Ichigo all the way... I mean, he can get Kon to team on Naruto... and he's a death god... He's also a 'Well of energy' and powers up sigificantly more than most people... (if not all).
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