Round One, Battle Five: Guts vs. Alex Rowe

Round One, Battle Five: Guts vs. Alex Rowe

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For the third week, a pair of powerful male characters are lined up for your voting.

On one side we have Alex Rowe of Last Exile, the infamous captain of the Slivana, while facing him is the vengeance-driven hero of Berserk, Guts.

Happy voting, make sure to leave a comment on who you vote since the lemming can get very angry if you don't. Also, make sure that if you grace this thread with a vote, you should do the same to Mangaminx's wonderful thread, this week featuring Osaka and Tohru, a hard choice indeed.
Guts, Guts, Guts, Guts!!!!

Guts deffinately has to win, he is one of the best anime characters ever!! I hope he wins the whole thing
Pfft, I don't really like either of these characters overall. They are both fairly cold people, and are both outsiders. But in a fight Guts could probably cut the Silvana itself in half with his sword, so he wins :p.
i voted for Alex this time since he's such a cool and in-control character. everything i've heard about Berserk in general has been positive even though i haven't had chance to see it yet - it's an absolute crime that it hasn't been released in the UK yet!
As many of you are no doubt sick of hearing, I consider Berserk to be the greatest anime of all time and at its fleshy centre is Guts. He is the king of anti-heroes and does some pretty nasty things in the series, but he remains a compelling, if somewhat emotionally confused man.

Alex Rowe is a cool brooding character but his personality doesn't have a lick on the multi-layered portrayal of Guts.
I voted for Guts, for pretty much the same reason as Paul. Alex is pretty cool, but Guts just absolutely refuses to die. Hell, the Silvana could fire a broadside at him and he'd survive.
If I'd seen Berserk I might well have gone with Guts, but as I haven't I'll have to stick with what I know and vote for the admittedly cool Alex Rowe.
Guts for me, most definatly. Berserk is simply superb, and I would count the manga as my absolute favourite of all time; I also rank the anime extremely highly. From the start, Guts isn't likeable as a person, but as well as being nigh-invincable with his massively oversized sword, he is a well rounded and interesting character who, while you may not enjoy an encounter with, is someone who the viewer really learns to respect and cherish.
No idea on this vote... Hmmm.....

I'll go with Alex, as he doesn't have as much of a cape to tug on as Guts has... 8)
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