Round One, Battle Eight: Usagi (Sailor Moon) vs Sakura

Round One, Battle Eight: Usagi (Sailor Moon) vs Sakura

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This week we have the battle of the magical girls as the two leads from arguably the most succesful magical girl animes of all time do battle! Vote for Usagi (aka Sailor Moon) from Sailor Moon or Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura! Images of the two characters are attatched below in case you need your memory refreshed on what they look like.

You have 7 days to vote! And remember to comment on who you voted for!
Also remember to vote in the other fight for this week Ichigo vs Naruto!.
Ryo Chan said:
sailor moon was cut too much so sakura wins :p

Card Captors (aka Card Captor Sakura) was also dreadfully cut up, the dub started on episode 8 rather than 1! That's worse!
If you ask me, it is on par with Sailor Moon for cuts and name changes.

I vote for Usagi, Sailor Moon is the defintion of 'Mahou Shoujo' and without it, I doubt Card Captor Sakura would be here with us today.

Usagi is a character you can relate to and you see her grow into the crime busting heroine of justice she is!
Another tricky one, but i voted for Sakura, i like both series, but i think i like Sakura a bit more than Sailor Moon.
But who would win if they really were to fight
Usagi... Mainly because she has numerous back-up partners... lets see... Sailor Mars, Jupiter, Mercury etc. etc...
I've never seen CC, so I don't know her strengths and weeknesses...

1 other advantage maybe for Usagi... She has more life experience? ~Shrugs~
I voted Sakura because she actually succeeds in being slightly less annoying than Usagi.

Plus she has to put up with that silly annoying yellow thing with wings that scares me, and that's got to be worth something :?
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