River English cover (Gundam SEED opening) (By Caroline Gordon and produced by mynameissport)


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Here's Caroline Gordon River English cover to celebrate 15 years of Gundam Seed that originally came out in 2002 and produced by myself.

Viewable below

This song was used as the 2nd ending of the original series but not used in the HD Remaster version. It was my favourite ending song out of the lot so wanted to produce an English cover of it.

It ended up released longer than I expected due to being a team effort. Caroline Gordon doing the vocals and mix, Bree Page doing the lyrics, Usagi Lunnaya giving permission to use the Lacus Clyne cosplay picture (know there is Agent Kisa's Meer Campbell cosplay from Gundam SEED Destiny but the picture was too good to pass up so no negative comments please) and Faid Eyren Cosplay giving their Lacus Clyne picture permission to use for the thumbnail.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


Vocals and mix: Caroline Gordon - Caroline Gordon
Lyrics: Bree Page - breep5
Graphic image cosplayers: Usagi Lunnaya (Lacus Clyne) - Usagi Lunnaya and Agent Kisa (Meer Campbell) - @agentkisa • Instagram photos and videos
Thumbnail image cosplayer: Faid Eyren Cosplay - Faid Eyren cosplay
Producer, subtitles, basic video and image editing, production management etc. - mynameissport