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I decided the "kill the series" needed a sister topic. So, what series do you think need revived, or need more titles? I'll start with the obvious Shenmue. It NEEDS finished. The Sonic Adventure series could have gone on for a bit longer, Sonic Heroes was unneeded, and mediocre. Skies of Arcadia could have been a sequel. Grandia should have more titles, GIII wasn't even released here!

Okay, they're all SEGA series (Grandia was initially on Saturn and DC). What do the NON-pre-third-party-SEGA-fanboys think?


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Errr chrono trigger squeal.
Can't really think of any all the games i played are either still going or had a pretty decent end.
Guess the warcraft before it went mmo a new version of that would be good.

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Hmmm not many come to mind off the top of my head - Vigilante 8 seriously needs an revival, that thing defecated all over Twisted Metal in terms of humour, originality and style. 70s robots, monkeys driving moonbuggies and soundsystems used as weapons.

*sighsighsigh* ill come back to this after giving it some more thought, theres gotta be more i've forgotten.

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Lupus Inu said:
Dino Crisis, f-ck Devil May Cry.

EDIT: OH SHI-- Zone of the Enders too, f-ck Metal Gear Solid.

Apparently they're making a new ZOE right now. I loved that game, Zero-shifting at the end of 2 was far too much fun.


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The Chrono series needs reviving. And I'm worried that the Shadow Hearts series is put to death now, so I think they should do one more outing before finishing it off ^^


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Baten Kaitos could do with some more titles, and not a crappy prequel which re-uses old locations. I heard there was a DS version being made a few years ago, but haven't heard of it for ages. I absolutely loved Baten Kaitos, even though the reviews were all over the place.

Oh, and Alundra. The second game wasn't that bad, I still play it regularly. But it appears I'm the only one that thought so, and the series was killed.


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I played the second alundra but whenever they make a second game with a new character i just doesn't feel like the original =/


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MTW said:
I played the second alundra but whenever they make a second game with a new character i just doesn't feel like the original =/

The second Alundra was completely different to the first in terms of story and atmosphere, much more light-hearted. A lot of Alundra fans hated that. I think if it wasn't named as a sequel to Alundra, it would have been better recieved, as people weren't expecting the dark story and feel of the original.

Alundra 2's actually a really fun game. It's colourful and bright.

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I'm not too sure about this as it doesnt really need to be revived but ah well....

Ico. They could repackage that game as much as NGE and i'd still buy each and every copy, that game was too beautiful. I think only a remake would suffice, although im sure they would make a flawless sequel Ico is such a stand-alone game that having a sequel would make something which was so rare that little bit more common.

Oh and Shadow of Colossus doesnt count as a sequel/prequel :p



I loved those games and they totaly have to make at least one more to make it a trilogy. Love getting down in that film noir story. At least there's the film to look forward to.

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Nemphtis said:
All I have to say for this topic is two words: Golden Sun

this guy read my mind!

also i would like the Boktai Series to come back, (mainly because there was like 1 or 2 games there were not released out of japan.)


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thekendyman said:
Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Ghost & Ghouls (Maximo)

All Classics All Need To be Revised & Revisited

A-men to that, apparently they're working on a Golden Axe 360 RPG game, and sadly a Streets of Rage game was in production for the Dreamcast but eventually shelved, real shame it so needs bringing back even if only for the DS or something like that.

I'd love to see another Bouncer game, nothing spectacular but i liked it.
Other games.
I know theres a new Diddy Kong DS game but i'd love to see a new Diddy Kong Racing on the Wii but i'd only want to see it if RARE made it which is basically impossible now :(

Shenmue 3 needs to happen

And i'd love a new installment of Rival Schools lol got both on the Dreamcast and loved em, anyone ever read the manga?

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Wonderboy, the platform RPG ones were fantastic.

Chaos Legion - I wouldn't touch DMC with a fetid stoat, but apart from having some enemies which required too many repetitive hits, CL was gameplay heaven.

Strike series - Desert Strike etc - how mint would these be on modern hardware? Throw in some rpgish stats and things to level-up and this would be stonking.

Parasite Eve - the rumour mill reckons a new 'proper' game (IE not the one for mobiles which will probably never leave Japan >.<) may be happening. How the heck this series was ever allowed to die is beyond me, PE2 was creepier than anything RE could manage and the possibilities for locations and enemies was endless.