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<b>Review of Nisemonogatari #2 by Reevothemusefan</b>

While I found the first half of <em>Nisemonogartari</em> entertaining,&nbsp;there were&nbsp;problems with a lack of character development for Araragi's sister Karen during her own arc and the large amounts of fan service. Sadly&nbsp;similar issues occur in&nbsp;the next arc which slightly affected my overall enjoyment.<br>

These last four episodes contain the arc 'Tsukihi Phoenix', which&nbsp;has the same problem as the 'Karen Bee' arc in that&nbsp;it suffers from a lack of&nbsp; Araragi's younger sister Tsukihi in both appearance and development again. The first two episodes are prime examples of this; in fact they mostly feature Koyami talking to Karen, which is pretty frustrating considering that it would&nbsp;have made more sense to feature it in that last arc.<br>

The final two episodes end up rushing the plot of the arc and feature some new antagonists, Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki; while both&nbsp;pose a threat, they end up being pretty forgettable,&nbsp;especially compared to Kaiki Deishu.<br>

So, what can I say that's positive about this box set? I feel that it teases you with way too much with fan service but in 'Tsukihi Phoenix' Part 1 there is a certain 'toothbrush scene' that takes&nbsp;this to a new level; you will either find it really comical or one of the most uncomfortable scenes you will ever watch, it's certainly something else, I'll tell you that.<br>

Plus, much like the first box set, the second half of&nbsp;<em>Nisemonogatari</em> remains great to look at with good background scenery and animation. &nbsp;<br>

Also,&nbsp;as in&nbsp;most of these arc conclusions, the final episode does a decent job with what little it has to at least give some character motivation&nbsp;to both the protagonists and the antagonists. The animation continues to be very impressive and the soundtrack is great, the last episode is proof of that.<br>

However, it all comes back to this: the 'Tsukihi Phoenix' arc is not interesting in the slightest, the dialogue is strong and entertaining but it's mostly used to comedic effect, and it takes a while to get to the meat of the plot.<em> Nisemonogatari</em> as a whole isn't a good sequel to<em> Bakemonogatari </em>but there is some good stuff in it, that saves it from becoming forgettable. &nbsp;<br>

Extras contain multiple Textless OPs and EDs in the DVD release<br>

<strong>In Summary</strong><br>

Even if this is the weakest box set of the whole franchise, it holds enough interest to be at least worth purchasing.<br>

<b>Final score: 7 out of 10</b>

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