Review: Cowboy Bebop #1

Discussion in 'Anime News & Rumours' started by Paul, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Paul

    Paul Time-Traveller AUKN Staff

    It's my pleasure to finally be able to review the first UK volume of Cowboy Bebop, released last Monday courtesy of Beez. Was it worth the hype? Damn straight it was.<ul><span class=menu>Honestly, I found this review almost impossible to write. Cowboy Bebop #1 is a great introduction to a classic anime series. Musically, there is no better than this. Everything about this show is just so damn cool, exciting and engaging that I sat through these episodes and was left aching for more. Each of the characters are perfectly defined, quirky in their personalities and wonderful to watch interacting.</span></ul><a href="">Read full review</a>.
  2. IanC

    IanC Adventurer

    i watched it today. Enjpyed it... but best series ever? From these 5 episodes, no.

    Cant wait for Ed to be introduced though, i love her voice in the dub (from what i cought back on CNX, which wernt much)

    The music is cool though.

    Ddid anyone notice that the dvd was set up oddly? It didnt dispaly chapters on my player (i could still skip though)
  3. Paul

    Paul Time-Traveller AUKN Staff

    If you approach anything expecting it to be 'the best ever', you're bound to end up disappointed.

    Personally, I love this series. Great characterization, stylish stories and an amazing soundtrack. I actually find it hard to pin down what I specifically like so much about Bebop; I just seem to broadly enjoy everything about it.

    I have to say, Ed is probably my least favourite member of the Bebop crew. She seems to add an extra layer of slapstick to an otherwise more restrained, sophisticated sense of humour. Though she certainly has her moments.
  4. IanC

    IanC Adventurer

    I wernt, just that so many people on the net seem to think it is :p
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I actually thought ed was a great addition to the show. Her energy and weirdness seemed to fit with the other character styles on the show, plus I think she's very funny. She seems to light up the screen whenever she appears.
  6. Paul

    Paul Time-Traveller AUKN Staff

    It's great to see Ed playing off Spike and Jet. As a group, they are all perfectly matched for each other. Just if you isolated Ed from the rest, she just isn't as interesting (in my opinion). I would have rather discovered a little more about Jet; his little episode concerning 'the watch' is one of my favourites.
  7. IanC

    IanC Adventurer

    Vol 2 has the ed episode in :)

    BTW HMV and Virgin in Oxford Street where advertising this as a pick of the new releases :)
  8. Martin

    Martin Death Scythe

    my only problem with the DVD was the lack of any real extras (apart from the trailers), but apart from that it's got me hooked already. good things do indeed come to those who wait...and what a worthwhile wait it was.