Recommend a UK anime website...


Ghost of Animes
Looking around the UK community, there is quite a growing number of quality anime websites appearing in various corners of the web. I'll name one website I think is awesome:

Orient Express:
Nice layout, very good content. The site is perhaps a little thin at the moment, but it really is looking like a website full of great potential.

How about you? Know any websites worth recommending? (You can plug your own site if need be ;) )


Meh, what the hell.

aNIme, my Northern Ireland-based site. As far as I know, the only NI anime site, and one of only about 3 for the entirety of Ireland. Still only come up on page 2 of Google, though.

I don't really know of any other smallish ones; the majority of UK sites (Anime UK News, UK, Eye On Anime etc.) are much bigger than mine.


Ghost of Animes
Part of my intention when writing this was to encourage a bit of self-plugging. I think perhaps I should change the title of the thread slightly though :)


Vampire Ninja
Can anyone point me in the direction of a good anime site that offers plenty of screencaps and / or artwork?

I would surf the net myself but I'm lazy. :D