realism vs good examples


This has been bugging me for ages and I'm getting around to talking about

In most anime you have mostly good example characters or stereotype characters or good example storys..basically most good examples and stereotypes

Like they are trying to do the right thing or there trying to beat a bad guy ect ect that sort of stuff

Or you have a typical romance anime with all the things youv seen before and it always works its self out in the end well most of the time.

Now realism anime like

Death note
School days
Anything that has a realism story or realism characters

These sort of anime are the ones I find very interesting because it feels like the characters or scenario feels like they are real.

In japan for some reason parents didn't like school days and the kids said it was ok....

Why was this?

I think it is because of how real to reality it is ...I'm not 100sure I'm just assuming this is the reason and isn't happy happy happy like other anime.

In death note why didn't they just let light win in the end instead of letting light die I think because they wanted to set a good example and saying what he was doing was wrong which in my opinion think he was right what he was doing.


It feels more interesting when the character's are more ......well human and relatable and more realistic. But it's rare to see this in anime...well thats what I think anyways......unless iv been living under a rock.

My point is that even tho I love to watch anime I do perfer realistic characters and scenarios and settings and so on then non realistic ones.

Do don't me wrong I love to watch shows that arent realistic like

That sort of stuff

But it's just more jaring and on the edge of your seat when it has great drama and realism to it.

What about you guys
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Realism? Death Note? Or even school days? You what?

Realistic has nothing to do with how negative or positive it is. It sounds from your post more like you want tragedies and bloodshed than realism.

And, believe it or not, most people do try to do the right thing most of the time.


Karamatsu Boy
I think what AF is trying to describe is 'idealised versus dark', and that he finds darker portrayals of human personalities to be more relatable and interesting. Those series certainly have heavy fantasy elements which certainly makes it hard to describe them as being more realistic than Clannad, but in terms of motivations I can see someone finding Yagami Light more plausible as a human being than Nagisa-chan (Light may be a genius, but Nagisa is practically a goddess in her selflessness).

I'd always tended to prefer the villains so one thing I like about anime is that it's not uncommon to get titles which really flesh them out (or even produce spin-offs about the villains). And dark series about more negative people are also interesting, though I like seeing the opposite too; it's lame when every series starts needing to be about an antihero with massive personality flaws in order to sell.



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I'd say shows like Toradora or Denki Gai present a more realistic, 'messy' view of the world where everything isn't always perfect, but characters still go about their everyday lives. The 'best girl' doesn't always win, and some loves remain unrequited, just as they do in real life.