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Ponyo Blu-Ray

Just magical. Watched it with my 3 year old niece and she loved it, and asked for more when it finished (I had to tell her it was the only one and we'd watch it again soon lol).

plus it looked amazing on BR to boot.

sanji no 1

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Evangelion 1:11 your are (not) alone
I cant believe that i actually liked this. It was great!!
The animation was great, the scenery was beautiful, the action was amazing and it wasnt confusing like the series.....But im sure the next one will most likely be confusing. Oh well.


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Finally finished Angel Beats! the other day.

This felt to me like two potential 10/10 series that they tried to force into 13 episodes, the emotionally driven character series was awesome, but the Matrix-esque "mythology" series running at the same time was not quite as well developed, so


Gokusen - 6/10

A fiery Yakuza family heiress, Kumiko, wants to be a teacher so that she right the wrongs of the system. She ends up at a school for delinquents, determined to set the students on the right path by showing that someone cares about and respects them. You know how it goes.

Kumiko is easily the best thing about the show, and pretty much the only reason it's worth watching. The funniest moments involve her efforts to hide her Yakuza identity from everyone at school--not easy when the students keep lighting her perilously short fuse. While I obviously miss the nuance of the change in her speech patterns, the subtitles and tone of her voice effectively convey the shift from polite, naive rookie teacher to a tough woman not used to taking **** from anyone.

Otherwise there's not much else of note here. One student aside, the supporting cast is weak--I honestly can't even remember any of their names. This is a problem because the episodic stories tend to revolve around one or more of them getting into some kind of trouble before Kumiko comes to the rescue, and I couldn't find much reason to care. Nor could Madhouse, it seems, judging by their way, way below par effort with the animation. It's an ugly show, partly by design and partly through lack of budget. And I still have no idea what the point of the dog is.

But overall I'd say it was just about worth watching for Kumiko and her Yakuza-related japery.


B Gata H Kei - Episodes 1 to 12

"15 year old Yamada decides she wants to sleep with 100 guys but is insecure in still being a virgin and thus decides to lose it to a fellow virgin to get over this and sets her sights on her classmate Kosuda."

With a plot like that you know it's either going to be a) really bad or b) mildly amusing; it's not something you can see be really great and this definetly falls into a) catergory. The second problem with the plot is you can see how it's going to end a mile away so it needs to do something to hold your attention but decides to throw fanservice at you instead as a cheap cop out.

The unique selling point of this anime is obviously the fact the perverted, horny, high schooler is in fact a girl and not a guy and this ends up working against it. The thing with the male leads are; they are supposed to be the average or below average guy; insecure, lacking in social skills (especially with girls), average looks etc etc. We're suppossed to sympathize with them as we see something of them in us and pity them as they mess up everytime they try to get the girl. The problem with Yamada is, put simply; shes a total bitch.

Yamada is attractive, popular and wanted by almost every guy at school and boy does she know it. She's rather grating to watch and it's hard to actually root for her when shes so unlikable. As the series progresses we're suppossed to see her grow in typical fashion but she never really stops being stuck up herself. She's particulary nasty about Kosuda; her intended target, especially about how plain/ugly/unappealing he is and how lucky he will be to get to sleep with her etc. So considering our female lead is so unlikable; how about our male lead, the aforementioned Kosuda.

This guy is somewhat even worse. Granted he's suppossed to be quite boring and average but boy is he just dull. There's a nice gag in one episode when Yamada looks through Kosuda's photo album to find pictures of him in the same pose, pulling the same face at different stages through his life and that kinda sums him up. The absolute worst part of him is the fact he is a wimp. No matter what Yamada does to seduce him/get him into a sexual situation; he always seems to either wuss out or question why this is happening. Now granted this makes sense the first time; he is the below average guy while shes super popular but when you have these situations happening 1 to 2 times per episode (each episode is split into 2 'segments' so theres 24 stories altogether) and during the course of the anime an entire YEAR passes by and he is still questioning whether she wants him to sleep with her; you can't help but wonder how stupid this guy is.

The supporting cast are nothing to write home about; mainly sterotypes you find in other school set animes; you got the female leads best friend who seems to be there just to give advice, the quiet, shy one who loves the male lead from afar, the rival who wants to make life hell for them etc etc.

This anime overall just pissed me off; as you can probably tell from my Aion-like review/rant, i just needed to vent about it as i feel like i wasted my time watching it till the end for some kind of pay off and feeling let down.

Other then a few good jokes/scenes; this is a pretty poor offering and i wouldn't recommend it; you want an ecchi/school/slice of life kind of anime go with Kiss X Sis; leasts thats funnier and the ecchi parts are alot better.



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Episodes 1-24 (Complete)

I fell in love with the non-linear story-telling of the first few episodes, and how the opening themes reflected that. However, the series began to grow more linear after the first quarter was finished.

What I love about this series was that there wasn't a single character I didn't like. Although Simon and Erika have to get special mention as my favourite characters.

The opening and ending themes were amazing, the soundtrack was cool.

The ending was a disappointment, and the show definitely does deserve, and need, a second season.

Overall, this series deserved an 8/10.


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Watched Bleach movie, Nobodies memories. 7 out of 10.
Pretty cool, and they near destroy the world. It all seemed a bit rushed when compared to the series though. Probably because they are trying to fit the story into a film instead of a series.

Also watch Evangeline 1.11. 8 out of 10 for that.
Still really good, giant robots everywhere. weird aliens that want to kill us. Still as confused when i first watched the series years ago. :D


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ilmaestro said:
Ryu Shoji said:
Episodes 1-24 (Complete)


Overall, this series deserved an 8/10.
Haaaaaarsh. One of the top three or four series of the last ten years, imo.
I never give perfect scores, and the series' ending and the lack of the non-linear story in the later episodes were enough to deduct a point.

Seriously, they need to make a season 2. Without it, the ending of season 1 will be a "wtf?"


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10/10 doesn't mean perfection, it's just the highest score you can get on a 10 point scale. If you only ever grade out of 9, then I guess you're giving it 8/9 which makes a bit more sense (although I still disagree :p What on Earth do you give 9/9 to?). I don't doubt they will make another season, it has sold really well and the material is there for them to adapt.


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Yeah, heck, they only adapted the first 3 novels for series 1, which was announced in volume 6.

Anyway...You know I have a lot of female friends when I kept on getting bombarded to watch Hetalia. I watched the first 10 episodes. It's funny in a surreal way...and I'm glad I was warned to stay away from the fan base. Rating this is hard, as I don't want to get harpooned to death by fangirls....I'm going to have to say 6/10. For what it is, it's funny...and somewhat educational xD

To try and recover some heterosexuality, I decided to give Mayoi Neko Overrun another shot...too cliché. Mysterious girl, Rich Loli, Hot-headed girl, High School. I'm getting bored of it. I watched episode 2 (Already seen episode 1) and I'd give it 4/10.


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Kamisama Kazoku
Technical: 6/10 --- Personal: 5/10

This is definitely a good anime if you enjoy romance involving childhood friends.
Light-hearted, quite funny, and nearly no malice involved. I'm due to create a list of relaxing anime; a list composed of titles that have little brain work, action, or exciting moments, and this would be one of them.
I'd call it a "gap filler". Something I watch either before sleep, or whenever I don't feel like watching serious stuff.

The reason why I gave it a lower rating was because it followed the text book throughout. I didn't want the main character to end up with the [obvious] character he did. And I don't really think they gave this character a fair chance.

A few special moments (like when his dad fishes up people's wishes), where they decided to spend some of the budget.

My favourite arc was the one involving the wheelchair lady. That arc alone would get a [personal] 8/10 out of me. Although they completely ruined that arc's protagonist afterwards.

It's a re-watch, by the way. I could swear I hadn't watched yet. Turns out I did. It was probably on TV, since I didn't recognize all of it.

@Mayoi Neko Overrun: it gets worse later on. Much worse. I'd give that series a 3/10 and that's being kind. The last episode is a recap.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll copy>paste this on another forum because I've been rather inactive over there and I don't wanna rewrite it. 8)
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Maison Ikkoku - The Final Movie - 7/10

I've no idea why I waited so long to watch this. The film is part of the manga canon, as it follows that version's timeline and features a character who never appeared in the TV series, and it takes place two days before Yusaku and Kyoko's wedding.

And it's basically an excuse to wheel out most of the cast for one last hurrah. It's disappointing that Yusaku and Kyoko's time alone was limited to five minutes at the end of the film, and only one other scene--a brief conversation between Kyoko and Ibuki--provided any further insight into the characters. Otherwise it was business as usual, with lots of drunkeness and tomfoolery. Didn't like Yuji Moriyama's character designs much.

<3 the ED

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Crest of the Stars - 6 out of 10.
Not a bad show. I thought it was a quite nice program. Despite the poor dubbing i felt motivated for the characters soon into watching it. Worth seeing.
Going to find me a copy of Banner of the Stars when i get home.