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Elfen lied OVA.....

Ok I have seen the series and I was expecting something like the what the series gave me.. which was what I got... but it has more silly stuff in it then what the series had....... man it feels like it's been ages since I saw this series.... I love it.. brings back memories when it was on propeller tv..... good times......... (crying)

Nice little edition... And omg the boxset.. beautiful.

Got to get the manga



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I watched Papa Kiki.

It was kind of okay. There are some nice moments but the series seems to struggle to figure out what it wants to do. The first couple of episodes introduce everyone's normal life but in a way that doesn't actually seem to tell us much about the characters and it didn't feel like the show really got going until at least half-way through.

Yuuta's college friends probably suffer the most, being given one trait each and nothing else to begin with. To make things worse, they still appear a fair bit in the first two episodes but they don't start to really become characters until much later. It's a shame too because Yuuta's love interest Raika ends up being one of the best characters and his friend Nimura has a few of decent moments too.

The other college friend is a bit of a problem, since his thing is that he really likes young girls. It does lead to an amusing joke where he dismisses the 14 year old Sora as "too old" and to be fair he's mostly harmless but I think a lot of people would have a problem with him. I did think he had his moments but his role is purely comedy and he could easily be annoying even if you're not worried about the other potential issues (plus, the recurring joke where Raika hits him with a fan is only really funny in the OP).

The situation itself could probably have used a bit more work. Yuuta is worried about failing because it might mean having the family split up by their other relatives but those relatives only ever seem to be a threat rather than providing any support whatsoever (aside from one providing a little advice at one point). It's kind of ridiculous given that the vast majority of their problems centre on a need for money and there really should be money available to them. It might have worked better if the relatives had been painted as real "bad guys" (or better yet, if they hadn't existed) but this is one of those shows where everyone is decent at heart so that's not an option. At the end it's implied that they do start helping, although it feels kind of late by then.

I'd say the show is at it's best when it's actually dealing with the issues surrounding their situation and focussing on the "family" elements. There are some interesting stories about the difficulties they have adapting and there are also a few heartwarming moments. The characters themselves are quite good when they're given a chance to be, though some only get limited development (probably at least partly due to the lack of time after wasting so much). In general, the second half is a lot better than the first.

So it was okay. I liked some of the humour, I thought the characters had potential and a few of the stories were decent but it took too long to figure out what it was doing so in the end it was less than it could have been.
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Robotics Notes

Thought i'd give it a few days before posting my feelings about this show. I'd heard previous that some people just didn't like it, maybe because they were expecting something in the same vein as Steins;Gate and they went in with expectations that could not be met, I don't really know, but I for one absolutely loved this show. Yes it's not on the same level as S;G but i'd go as far to say that I actually enjoyed the viewing of this more, so much show that I blew through it in one weekend!

Now, i'm not saying it is a better show, S;G is a classic, with an exceptional storyline, some fantastic science fiction and possibly one of my favourite lead characters in an anime, but in terms of enjoyment I think this has it beat. Moving from a high school club entering a mini robot in to a competition, through to the building of a full scale robot and then all the revelations that come throughout the story, I think it kept it's heart in the right place, a group of high school friends doing something they enjoyed and following their dreams through.

Some nice visuals backed up by a great soundtrack, this show is highly recommended.



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Metropolis: Review (2001, Film)
To know a bit about Metropolis, one would have to go all the way back to the year of 1927, to the release of the silent black and white sci-fi drama directed Fritz Lang, Metropolis. Inspired by the director’s first sights of the skyscrapers in New York, the film is known for its elaborate set designs, special effects and art deco architecture. Panned during its release by many critics, today it’s considered one of the crowning achievements of cinema, and definitely one of the best films of its time and era. Now I could talk about this film all day and night, however what I’m here to review today is a very different Metropolis, one with dazzling animation, a jazzy soundtrack, a vibrant world full of equally interesting characters all wrapped up in a highly enjoyable, complex story.
Metropolis is a 2001 animated film directed by Rintaro (Ginga Tetsudou 999 Movie) with a script by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and animated by Madhouse. Metropolis is an adaption of the Osamu Tezuka manga of the same name which is loosely based off of the aforementioned 1927 film. How loosely? Well the manga itself was just based off of a single still image that Tezuka saw of the film, so pretty darn loosely as a matter of fact. The animated adaptation of the manga that I’m discussing here has many differences and liberties taken and is for all intents and purposes also a loose adaptation of the Tezuka manga. In fact I’d go as far as to say that this film takes more from the 1927 film than the Tezuka manga, if not equally as much. It’s obvious that a lot of adaptations fall into the mix, however what’s important here is the 2001 animated film, and although I could spend all day discussing the differences between each adaptation, I’ll try to fend off such urges. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the film and boy what a film it is.
Metropolis revolves around a character named Kenichi, a character that appears in most of Tezuka’s work. Kenichi is always depicted as a considerate, kind person and is the embodiment of the notion of childhood. As manga strove to become more adult and grown up as time went on, Tezuka eventually resigned him from his role as a main character but he still lived on as a symbol of that very important childhood. A mad scientist who resides in Metropolis (the name of the city) is assumed to have violated laws by trading organs, and so Kenichi and his uncle, detective Shunsaku Ban travel from Japan to Metropolis in order to find out more. It is here that Kenichi finds a girl named Tima who remembers nothing of her past and Kenichi decides to help her and so they run away. This is how our tale begins.
Metropolis is a film all about the class struggle between robots and humans and it’s a theme that Tezuka has explored again in the ever popular Astro Boy. It’s not a new or unique theme, but it’s still an interesting one to visit nonetheless. The city of Metropolis is ruled under a plutocracy, and as such only the tiniest margin of the wealthiest are at the top and rule over the rest of the city’s inhabitants and as the humans of Metropolis become more and more agitated at the ever growing population of robots, tensions between the two reach a boiling point.
I’m not going to beat around the bush here, the animation in Metropolis is absolutely sublime and without a doubt one of the most breath-taking visual experiences I’ve had in a long time. Metropolis makes use of CG which should in theory cause some alarm bells to start ringing, but to my surprise I have to say that it’s all incorporated into the feature film with finesse, a majority of the time. Sure I’d prefer it if the whole film was just traditionally animated, but at the same time the CG does in no way impede my enjoyment of neither the story nor the visuals. In general I believe that this should make it abundantly clear that although it’s natural to become suspicious over such facts, in the end if it doesn’t hamper your enjoyment, it’s done its job. A film being hand drawn doesn’t guarantee that it’ll look good, and in the same vein a film incorporating CG doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’ll look bad either. These are in the end tools used in order to reach a goal, and Metropolis is in no doubt fully realized here.
Backgrounds are intricately detailed and vibrant. The upper-class portions of the city are littered with art deco architecture. Art deco has always been associated with technological advancements, luxury and almost always used to indicate a faith in social progress. It doesn’t look to the past for inspiration and instead is a forward artistic movement, leading way to modern disciplines in both industrial and graphical design and as such makes perfect sense here. Metropolis is a city that looks to the future. Erich Kettelhut is the man behind the set designs, art direction and special effects of the 1927 Metropolis and his inspirations are felt throughout the 1 hour 50 minute duration of the 2001 animated film, and his designs are felt throughout the cityscape of Metropolis. The city itself is separated into zones, and as you’d expect, the lower you go the poorer the people you encounter become. The slums and lower zones in Metropolis although presented as dirty and small, still contains its own beauty. Some parts are full of intricate machinery, cold and cobbled together while others are colorful and yet rusting, built out of anything and everything the inhabitants could get their hands on. Buildings are put together like patchwork, mismatched with various assortments of materials and colors. It’s a juxtaposition that works amazingly well. It really encapsulates the notion that people live here, trying to make the most of their positions with everything they can at the same time displaying the conditions they have to live in, which are of a low quality. The higher zones are cold and calculated while the lower zones are full of life with the hustle and bustle of a breathing city. Most of our time is spent in the lower zones which I appreciate because this is where the most interesting backgrounds and characters reside.
Another aspect of Metropolis that I really appreciated was the character designs. Being an adaptation of a Tezuka manga, it’s fair to say that the character designs are very attractive and appealing to the eyes. Tezuka was known for having his characters making multiple appearances in many of his works, and as such the designs are very uniform across all of his work. Never the less they still manage to stand out and each one looks distinct. Tezuka was very much inspired by the likes of Disney and Max Fleischer and it’s this that makes the characters of Metropolis shine. 1930’s character designs brought to life with modern animation in a world full of intricate details juxtapose each other perfectly. The characters look simple and yet emotive, with fine details like hair movement that allow them to come to life. The design of Tima is without a doubt my favorite in the whole film. The characters themselves and their motives are very simple and rudimentary but suffice to say I had no issue with this since they were pleasant to be around and I felt entertained by them. The characters are the antithesis of subtle at times and the moral dilemmas are for the most part slapped over your head. Again what should be a clear negative never really bothered me as the visuals and music did a great job of distracting me in the moment. The characters didn’t really have a back story to have you invested in. In the end, the characters never the less are wholly likable and I really enjoyed their company as they toured me around this fascinating city.
The music in Metropolis is entirely made up of Jazz and to say that I enjoyed it is an understatement. The soundtrack is fantastic and when married together with the visuals it creates a tour de force that needs to be both seen and heard. Music is incorporated wonderfully and works with the art in order to foster a cool atmosphere. Speaking of audio, voice acting is fantastic here and everyone is perfectly cast. I recognized a fair few voices which is always a nice surprise. The voice of Tima is absolute perfection and adds that extra weight to the story and makes you care that much more about her. The voice actress hasn't done anything since and this was as far as I'm aware her first and only role and I'm disappointed that she didn't stick around. I don’t want to spoil anything in regards to the story, but let me tell you that the finale is a feast for the eyes and ears and I found it to be very emotional. Speaking of which…
The spectacle and scale of the film is a sight to behold at times. Even though it’s all confined to one city it still manages to wow me and leave me in a sense of awe and wonder as all the cogs turn and all of the chess pieces move into position. It’s a fantastic looking film with a huge sense of scale all the while focusing on the tale of two young characters that are pulled into a story that is larger than themselves. The cinematography is great and a fantastic use of color is utilized. Some weird transitions are used, such as a wipe transition and circle wipe transition, like those seen in Star Wars and old cartoons. It’s fair to say that this is a stylistic choice, one that feels at home here, if not a little weird since it’s a from a bygone era.
The pure definition of Metropolis is a large city that is a center of substantial political, cultural and economic value and home to commerce and communications. In that sense Metropolis is a place where the hustle and bustle of the city is alive and well, and amidst that commotion, lives are lived. People work day in and day out in order to survive, and although the skies are pierced by the monoliths we create, the shadows fall upon the people who live down below, their views of the sky obstructed by the people above. Power struggles and class warfare are common place, but every once in a while tranquility can be found amongst the chaos, and sometimes that spark can be found in the most unlikely of places, in the heart.


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I'd forgotten how gorgeous the character designs were in Metropolis - Tima in particular, I remember the hair animation being spectacular. I like how the film went to some rather dark depths in places too, beneath the deceptively 'optimistic' sheen of Tezuka's designs.

I watched it on the ropey old Sony DVD from 2002 though - so the picture quality was pretty poor to say the least, it's definitely a title that could really benefit from a Blu Ray release in the UK.


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Yup I love Tima's design, and all of the character designs in fact. The movements, the mannerisms, they just look great. Tezuka's designs which are rooted in the 1940's, inspired by the works of Disney and Max Fleischer but with more modern animation that looks buttery smooth all comes together perfectly. The film without a doubt benefits from the Blu-ray treatment. A great looking film. Really enjoyed it.



WTF did I just watch

Talk about a mess of a series I have no idea what I just watched... It's kinda like hellsing.... at least with the background.

The opening music sounds pretty good tho.



Strawberry eggs.

Pretty basic anime but fun non the less.

It's about a man who wants to be a teacher at a school but the head mistress of the school doesn't want any male teacher... BECAUSE she's a sexist... And the male teacher dresses up like a woman to get the job... And it's something you might of seen before somewhere. But it's enjoyable in its own way... I just wished it gave us a solid ending



The familiar of zero season 4 and all the other seasons

-_- man oh man.... can't they come up with anything else other then recycled crap.

In school check
Hearm check
Idiot main character check
Girls beating him up because of sexual harassment check
Saying things he knows what his talking about half the time but half the time his wrong check.
Main female is a moron check

I swear I'd rather watch code geass then watch this crap again.

Ok I'm not saying it's bad bad but it's something we have seen before from other shows... an It's annoying as hell

The actual book sounds more interesting then this crap.... yeah it was made from a book but at least the book tried to do something different.... they aren't even trying to make this diffrent

I just don't have any love for this series



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Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva

Really fun layton adventure. Captured the essence of the games perfectly and even managed to make puzzles work

Looked great and had a decent soundtrack too. Makes me realise I want more films or OVAs from the Layton world. It's just too good a setting/premise/character to not have anything else.



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Michiko and Hatchin

Fantastic fun. Visually arresting with two great leads and an interesting array of supporting characters. Some good standalone episodes and a decent overall plotline which ended in a satisfying way.




This is defiantly for the girls ... It's about a girl who goes out with 5 guys and for some reason doesn't know why.

For me I didn't feel anything for this series but the last two episodes.



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I watched Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san.

It's a short Yuri Comedy where the characters' personalities are kind of based on animal stereotypes. You probably don't need to know more.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. The characters are likeable and while they're based on animals they're not really bound by the stereotypes.

It's an interesting one fanservice wise. There's not much skin on show but almost all of the jokes revolve around the girls "flirting" with each other in one way or another.

Also, it has a glasses episode, which is great. Every show should have a glasses episode.


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Steins;Gate - Rewatch

For the third time I play audience to self-styled 'mad scientist' Okabe Rintaro and his merry band of assistants at the Future Gadget Research Laboratory, and for the third time I leave satisfied, my itch for mind-bending science fiction thoroughly scratched.

It's certainly a series that holds up to multiple viewings, details that I had once missed now bursting out of the screen at me. However, not all those details were praise-worthy. At times the logic of the series seriously strains under its own complexity, and this is abundantly clear in the second half of Steins;Gate.

That being said, Steins;Gate is great.

9/10 - El Psy Congree


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Hellsing Ultimate - 7/10

Amusing, sometimes nicely animated, but much as I like vampires, Dracula etc, this was pretty silly overall; not in terms of gore, but in terms of actual content. I didn't really end up caring all that much about anyone or anything in the entire series, and Alucard is so overpowered, you never really think he has any chance of losing.


His and her circumstances

Overall reviews for the series have been positive. The tenth volume of the series was listed as the top selling graphic novel in Japan on October 31, 2000.[16] In The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917, Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy praised the anime adaptation for its innovative techniques and the use of "surreal 'cartoon' effects".[17] THEM anime reviews gave the anime adaptation a good review calling it "probably the most disarmingly honest shoujo romance ever made"[18] Alexander Harris from Anime News Network called the anime adaptation very character driven, saying "If you love diving into the minds of a character and searching for those juicy naughty bits, and all the while being entertained and educated, then this is for you."