Ragnarok Online


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Hi! I think RO is such an amazing game! Is anyone else playing it at the moment? You can download it for free at Ragnarok Online.com and you get 15 days' free play. My character is called Arlim and I want to become a Crusader.


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I played it when it was in Beta then recently on a free server but its really not that good, theres nothing that sets it apart from all the other MMORPGs out there.


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I played it, enjoyed it, got bored of it...

It couldnt keep me interested for too long.
Didnt help that most people only wanted to play with strong characters or characters much stronger then them.


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It never worked for me

everytime i tried to download it stopped i got really annoyed with it and i have nevered played it. I want to though,

I wish they bought somthing out like the world that would be cool