Psycho-Pass Season 1 Part 2 (US region free)


Thousand Master
Psycho-Pass Season 1 Part 2- US Region Free -Bluray & DVD (New+Sealed)
£25 inc delivery.

Bit of a long shot here but I bought this from last month as I'd ordered part 1 (US import) over Christmas whilst away from home. when I got back & opened part 1 it was the complete UK bluray set, not part 1 US. Sending part 2 back to probably isn't worth the cost and I thought it'd be good to see if anybody on here would like it.

I'm not looking to make any profit on it, just break even if anybody wants it. I'm in the UK so there won't be a risk of import fees. I will consider reasonable offers but I don't want to lose too much on this purchase.