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Anyone planning on getting a PS3? I joked about it so much saying it cost too much and sony are loosing money. But look at motorstorm! Not to mention FFXIII is sceduled for it as well, and DMC4.


To be honest, i'm not really interested in it, ok they have some games i wouldn't mind playing but i don't really want the console, to pricy and i don't like the idea of the tilt function on the control.


Macross G said:
When MGS 4 comes out I will be getting one. Hopefully the price we be not too high then.

Yeah I really want that one too, I also want Warhawk so I can play around with the tilt controller.

But I won't be buying the PS3 when it gets released I'm gonna leave it a while to see if the price drops, plus with the rushfor people to get hold of one I doubt I'll be able to lay my hands on one for a while


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I want a PS3, but not straight away. I think I'll hang on till xmas to see what games are out for it and get a good deal on one ;)