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I ordered volume one of Pretear just to see what it was like and I have to say I'm impressed, it was really lovely!
All of the characters seem to be cuter in the manga compared to the anime (and they're cute enough in the anime :wink: ).
I must say, Sasame looks a lot younger in the manga and Kei doesn't seem so "gay" :lol:

The story and action sequences don't seem to be any less enthralling on paper and so far it's easily comparable to the anime, especially as it has a number of full colour pages at the beginning of the book, with an extremely nice close of of Hayate!!


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I have been wanting to buy the anime Pretear since I saw a trailer for it, so the manga is worth getting too. I dont think any action sequences look bad on paper, Ive always found it kinda fun to imagine them moving!^-^


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KittySeras said:
I dont think any action sequences look bad on paper, Ive always found it kinda fun to imagine them moving!^-^

I find they're OK if you haven't seen the anime! I'm finding it difficult not to picture anime sequences in my head as I'm reading Fushigi Yuugi! I gotta say, it just ain't the same seeing Tamahome on paper, I keep hearing his signature tune in my head everytime he saves Miaka :lol:


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The timing of this thread is actually pretty good; I've been thinking of getting the Pretear manga myself recently and wanted to see what others though of it (I've been reading some mixed reviews elsewhere). It seems to be going pretty cheap on so maybe I'll get volume one this week.


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Basically if you like shoujo stories, with the magical girl eliment and plenty of cute guys, mixed with a little comedy, a little romance and a lot of fairy tale! you should enjoy Pretear in manga form! It seems to be a little faster paced than the anime but then what doesn't!!


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IanC said:
The animes better.
That's not very constructive!! Yes, I agree, the anime is better but the manga has it's own unique appeal, basically what I said at the beginning! You should really say why you think the anime is better (and yes I'm telling you off :lol: :wink: ).

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Pretear Rocks

The end is quite sad... I LOVE THE THEME TUNE! And Himeno's outfits are kawaii. The anime is much better than the manga.