Presenting .... ME


Completely Average High School Student
Hi, my name is Andy. i am a regular from animeboredom.

I have been watching Anime and reading manga since early 90's although this suffered because a few disgruntled members of the oposite sex in the past, this is no longer the case as i have mett the woman of my dreams as she loves anime as much as i do.

i work as a customer service rep for a telecommunications company. and earn a pitance for listening to lots of different peoples complaints every day.

when im not working, i like nothing better than to sit infront of my tv and watch anime or movies back to back and to play computer games.

im 25 and have lived in liverpool since 1998 when i went to uni to study human applied biology and IT, which was nice.

my favourite anime include: Stand alone complex, Noir, neon genesis, martian successor nadesco , fist of the north star and transformers, although i am a huge fan of all things macross and robotech aswell.


Ghost of Animes
Hey Andy, welcome to the forums! Your lucky to have a girlfriend that enjoys anime too- you could even take her out on a 'date' to catch the latest anime in a cinema ;)

Fist of the North Star. I've always enjoyed this as mindless violence but it seems to get a lot of flak for its lack of story and character development. Still, I hold the Fist of the North Star movie close to my heart. Also has a great, cheesy 80s soundtrack!