Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

Denny Fisher

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I gotta ask Denny. Do you like every series in there? or do you collect as a completionist thing? Was it you who was trying to get all the UK releases at one point? Tell me your collector's "tale"...... I'm intrigued.
Do I like every series hmmmm probably not. Yet I do appreciate the work that's been put into it.
if it's a series I truly cannot watch it's usually due to not following the source material or feeling like they just want to finish the story without any thought put into it. Or it's not age appropriate usually for young children.
As for collecting every UK release I pretty much have everything apart from a few part sets I'm hopeful of a complete release. Not sure why I started but I don't really have any other interests so why not. 🙂


Death Scythe
Not my entire collection and a slightly incomplete photo as this is old. I have about the same amount as this upstairs too and a bunch of anime movies are in another alcove but I wanted to bring some of my anime downstairs hence my nerd nook. When I frame my cels, my Spike one will go on there too. Been clearing out loads of anime as I’m trying to be more minimalistic.BC24245F-E936-4BE8-A454-08471195348C.jpeg


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Since I got my final order of this month, I’d figure I would do a collection update.
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Still haven’t figured out how to display my bottom shelves. Hoping to pick the final Heaven’s Feel movie when it’s up on RightStuf’s ebay, and a small order from Amazon Japan late next month.

Previous collection photos:
April 2021
February 2021
September 2020
Kind of regretting taking my Monogatari titles out of their bags as my Koyomi slipcase has some noticable scratches now :(

Girls with Guns

So with seeing farzam1999's collection, I decided to take some updated photos of just my complete Aniplex collection, including US, UK, and JP releases - so farzam has a goal to meet sometime in the near future! ;) 👍

Aniplex of America - 97 releases
Aniplex UK - 15 releases
Aniplex of Japan - 29 releases
Total: 141 Aniplex releases to date(!)

Aniplex of America and UK releases:



Aniplex of Japan releases:


Fate Zero, Fate/stay night, Heavens Feel 1-3, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies 1-2 & Rebellion, Type Moon 10th Anniversary Festival, Persona 3 1-4, Garden of Sinners Movie DVD/OST 1-7, Recalled Out Summer, GoS Blu-ray Box, GoS Overlooking View 3D, Baccano!


Durarara!!, Anthem of the Heart, and Sword Art Online The Movie


Garden of Sinners Limited Edition


A few Aniplex extras from Rightstuf
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Girls with Guns

Great start, sir! The only Aniplex DVDs I have are Blast of Tempest and Silver Spoon from AoA, as those were available only on DVD (I picked up the UK Blu-rays of Silver Spoon much later) and the seven individual non-English-Friendly AoJ DVD releases of the Garden of Sinners movies, only because of the artwork on the boxes and because each comes with an OST CD. All the remaining 130 releases are Blu-rays.

I do have all three AoJ releases of Heaven's Feel, so like you I am also just waiting on the final one from AoA.
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Za Warudo

I’m getting there, I hope lol.
Aniplex of America - 28 titles
Aniplex of Japan - 6 titles
A total of 34 Aniplex titles, all aquired since January 2021. All are of course blu-ray, no DVDs here ;)

As for other franchises/shows I might get, those would be:
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Sword Art Online
  • Your Lie in April
  • The Promised Neverland
  • Nisekoi
  • Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files
However, they would have to wait for next year, while I recover from this summer’s purchases. Being 22 and on a student income, it’s pretty hard lol.

For now, I’m waiting for Heaven’s Feel III stock, and pretty close to importing Mugen Train from Japan. Also hoping for the Fate/Grand Order prequel movies from AoA, otherwise I’d have to get them from AoJ.
I'm honestly kind of amazed you've got so many Aniplex titles since I'm sure you've mentioned quite a few being series you haven't watched before. I'd personally check them out on a streaming service before dedicating to an Aniplex release lol

Girls with Guns

I was also mainly considering to sell the first two AoA releases, and get all 3 from AoJ, but I can also see that booklets and so on are in Japanese. Like you, I couldn't care less about the English dub lol. Hmm to have both AoA and AoJ, or not? :D :D

Have you seen any of the HF movies? - I'm waiting for the third one before I begin :D

Lol, yeah, I decided to get both collections of Heaven's Feel, AoA and AoJ, just like I have for Fate/Zero and UBW. I'm in the process of showing all of Fate to the next-door neighbor couple, and we still need to watch the UBW series first before we start in on Heaven's Feel, so I've been holding off on any of HF until I can watch it for the first time with them. So the first time I see it will be with the dub, for my friends' convenience.

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Ito's version of No Longer Human... on a shelf, in an image shared on this site? Can only take that as indirect challenge. Just realised my copy under my bed, BUT: look to the top right of my book shelves and know your defeat. Not bad: Gundam Origins/Oranges and, as noted, Noname. Black Lagoon spine disorder is nothing compared to Tokyopop/GTO. Thank Allah they semi-dead. By the way, where are your bird watching binoculars? Not pictured.

Anyway, decided take some pics now got decent camera and heat made me 'tidy' room. I've sold around 1000 books over the last 5-10 years, with 54 waiting to be sent, as you can clearly tell in my images. I shan't show the blue boxes stacked to near ceiling, holding books, and more under my bed. Not proud of my hoarding but I am, gradually, whittling it down. Eventually I'll only own manga that can fit on my 7 slim Argos units. Well, excluding DELUXES for reasons obvious.

+1 to anyone that can spot where my Xenoblade CE giganto square is, in these images. Think Where's Wally, or whatever the equiv for younglings is nowadays. That'll be where my Eva UE is going. Giant sqaure replacing in endless loop: Gits>Xeno>Eva.

Oh, and do note Satou's expression on the side of my NHK art box. I get up to that, every day, and feel it more and more. Bar Ganku<3/NHK and few other DVD sets, want rid of every DVD. Will prob eventually chuck 'em half-arsed in a huge box on eBay, one day~

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Mad respect 👊 Your setup is soo tidy and a real eye candy to look at 😍 I feel inspired.
It's like Wonka's Japanese media factory! That's my idea of one half of the perfect bomb shelter (the other half being food!)


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I'm only gonna post the Blu-rays because frankly I don't have room for the DVDs with their multiple parts and massive boxes. They're all in several stacks in some drawers. The two SAVE sets at the end and the Spice and Wolf box are remnants of a once mighty imported Blu-ray collection. 😂

I believe my Blu-ray collection is now approaching what it was at the height of my collecting in like 2013 before I sold loads. But obviously almost everything has a Blu-ray release now so that wasn't too difficult to accomplish. It's gonna get bigger now though, I have SO MANY things listed that have come out since I last collected that I'll be slowly acquiring.

I do think I'm gonna be slightly more discerning now with my series boxsets and buy mostly things I know I already like, unless the set happens to be dirt cheap and I take a punt on it. Movies are always worth blind buying though because standard editions are cheap.IMG_20211221_154555~2.jpg

Girls with Guns

^ Looks like you and I have very similar tates in anime, I have all of those titles in my collection except five - Flip Flappers, Gurren Lagan, Little Busters, A Thousand and One Nights, and Highschool of the Dead.