Positive look at manga in the Daily Telegraph


Ghost of Animes
And, in a sense, the way that the iconography of Japanese cartoons is now pollinating Western kids' culture is no more than a favour returned.

For as alien as the cartoon kiddies and tentacled space monsters of some manga can seem (even to a comics-literate Westerner), modern manga are in large part the product of the way Japanese pictorial and narrative traditions – first, under trading links and, subsequently, under post-war occupation – absorbed the influence of Western cartooning. Mr Punch might be dead and gone, but his bastard children are still scampering all over Japan.

Again with the tentacles. Dang it, Urotsukidoji.

This is actually a good, long article and should be a useful stepping stone for anyone curious about manga. More coverage in the UK is always a good thing and it seems to be on the increase too.