list UK release of Naruto


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<p><a href=""> have posted</a> their listing of the Naruto (Uncut) Series 1 DVD box set including the DVD cover art. This box set, which should be released in the UK on the 21st of August, will contain the first 13 episodes of Naruto and has an RRP of &Acirc;&pound;24.99 (reduced to &Acirc;&pound;17.99 by</p>

That Man

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Nice to see its coming out here in a box set instead of seperate dvds with about 4 eps on (Boy that would be alot of dvds). So good news I would say :)


Wish I never ordered all that anime this morning. Ah well, next week when I get paid again I'll order that. I prefer FMA over Naruto but it's still a good series in it's own right.


Death Scythe
Not a bad price I must admit. I might actually pick up a copy of this to see what the fuss is about, especially since it's uncut (thank God)!


Magical Girl
A little cheaper than I was expecting to be honest. I was fully prepared for it to be £30-£35 RRP range. Not that I am complaining mind, just figured it would be a little more expensive.


Awesome price for 13 episodes, Ive yet to watch Naruto (I chose to watch and keep up with Bleach) so I may invest in this.

Anyone notice the Naruto Game is up too? Its for the Xbox 360 though.

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this is good/great news.
i absolutley love naruto, although i have already made plans to get the US version.
i am an R1 buyer -_-, but i do have lots of R2.
none the less, its great news for the UK market, i wouldnt be suprised if it went out of stock the first day!


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A lot of people - myself included - moan about the lack of boxsets coming out in the UK. This release is something for those people to support and rally behind. I'll certainly be picking this up.


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It looks like it has a different cover to the R1 version, not sure which i prefer, i'm tempted to the R1 special edition, though the price of this one certainly is the better :). It's great to see that it's not coming out too long after the R1 boxset aswell, i think i might well pre-order it :)


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I dont know if everyone allready knows this but I'll point it out just incase, theres a box set of Heat Guy J listed on, including episodes 1-26, strange that there allready releasing a box set when they havent finished the single volumes yet, I presume the singles didnt do as well as Manga had hoped.