Pirates of the Carribbean (Get a free coin)


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(I'm sorry if theres a topic about this already)

Has anyone seen this film yet? I haven't but I might go find sometime to watch it as I loved the first one :wink:

My brother has told me about this offer, so I though I will post it here. For those of you who want a free Pirates of the Caribbean coin worth £4.99 ....

1) First go to this link on play.com

2) Next click on "buy", then go to checkout (you need to register if you don't have a play.com account.)

3) In the voucher box type on the code PIRATES (must be in capitals or it won't work)

4) Then you should find the price reduced to £0, also P&P is free so you don't pay for anything :wink:


I've seen the film..i thought it was ok but not as great as the first. The ending was a little bit of a let down but apart from that it was alright


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I went to watch this on Wednesday night..., and really enjoyed it. Although the running time means that I'm not likely to be bothered to see it many more times, its a really fun movie with some totally cool special effects; giant squid attacks and monster sailors with sea-life growing on their faces is gross, yet some how worth seeing :)

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i watched the film some 2 weeks ago. i though tit was good, but after seeing superman returns, i prefer superman.
still good though.


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Thanks for that Strawberry, should make my girlfriend happy!

I saw Pirates 2 on Saturday and I have to say I was disappointed.
For me what made the first film great was Johnny Depp's random asides, his character given a bit of freedom to be weird, but in this it was more about action set-pieces which then put it on a level with hundreds of other films. It felt a bit flat and never seemed to get going.

However, all the art design was amazing, the sets were wonderful every scene looking interesting and distinct, and all of the CGI and creature effects were excellent, lots of invention and in the Davy Jones scenes it was enough to keep you interested even if nothing was happening.

I think it may have seemed better if I hadn't had such high expectations, but it just didn't have the magic of the first film.


Brilliant just ordered myself one too

Film was ok, not as good as first one although Johnny Depp was on full form as Capt. Jack Sparrow, it just felt like it was too long after 2 and a half hours I found myslef looking at my watch wondering when it was gonna end.

Can't wait for the next one though MAY 2007 according to the films credits


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My brtoher has seen the flim already and he said it was much better then the first one.... hmmm different opinions I guess...

Anyway my free coin came today and I must say it doesn't look like it's worth £4.99, it looks as though it was made out of those cheap metals!!


Strawberry said:
Anyway my free coin came today and I must say it doesn't look like it's worth £4.99, it looks as though it was made out of those cheap metals!!

Mine came today too and I have to say, it looks very cheap and worth about 10p.

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Yeah, it's one of those coins you get in packs of three for about 75p. :/

Oh well...it was free, and it's not taking much space just sitting on my computer desk. >_<


Sent this to my mates of my bike forum and so far two of them misses the PIRATES voucher bit and have actually paid for them...... Silly Boys


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Just sent off for this, though i think i already have it anyway from one of those little medalion packs which i think cost me 35p, lol, i also have a nicer one with the Black Pearl on it.
I've seen the film several times now actually, mostly for Johnny Depp worship after the first time :D. I think this film is alot better than the first, i've already watched this one more than the other, and i have the dvd of the first, lol. Much funnier, alot more action, and of course Johnny Depp is awesome, though i did feel that the characters personalities weren't there same as in the first, what happened to Will the lowly blacksmith, and Jack seemed to acting even more of a fool in this one, but regardless i thought it was great :)


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When I first watched Pirates Of The Carribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl at the cinema back in 2003, I found it one of the most boring American Hollywood blockbusters I had seen for quite a while (one thing an American Hollywood blockbuster shouldn't be I might add). It wasn't a bad movie, just very dull.

About a month ago (this year - 2006 in case people forgot) I saw that Virgin was selling the three disc edition (The Lost Disc edition as its named) for £4.99. A lot of people I had talked to had said that when they first watched it they didn't like it much, but told me that on the second viewing it gets a lot better (and so fourth and so fourth) so I decided to take the risk and buy a copy.

Not since watching Spider-Man (2002 film version) for the second time have I U-turned my opinion on a film! :lol:

P.O.T.C: C.O.T.B.P transformed from dull adventure film, to exciting fantasy pirate fair with more energy than a bottle of Lucozade and fun script and characters!

Thanks to Patlabor 2: The Movie - Collector's Edition being delayed a further two weeks in the UK, I decided to compensate and buy a copy of P.O.T.C: Dead Man's Chest. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the first film (some people have said they prefer the second one but the majority seems to favour the first one ultimately) but for me, personally, found it a better film! :D

Many people disliked its more than generous running-time, but not me. I didn't want it to end! I found the story intriguing, the dialogue amusing ("The Kraken is a mythical creature, I'll pronounce it the way I want!") and digital effects and art direction on par with anything I've seen in animè, manga and video games.

In fact, I'd eat my face (some how) if a lot of character desgins weren't the brain childs of some Japanese artist (the character who's face is contained within a sea shell that can turn inwards and a lobster cruels from it to move MUST be from a Japanese animè and / or manga artist!).

I also liked the ending, which some people didn't. Its a cliff-hangar, but a very well-poised one.

All-in-all, Dead Man's Chest is easily the best big American Hollywood blockbuster I've seen this year (though to be fair it has been a weak year in that regards in my opinion).

Roll on 'At World's End'! :D


Loved the first film at the cinema and still love watching it on DVD, Johnny Depps entrance has gone down as one of my all time favourite movie moments.

Dead mans Cheast I found a little slow, I watched it at the cinema and found myself looking at my watch wondering when it would end. Hopefully on DVD this won't happen.

I can't wait for the next film though, i am not buying the dvd's til that one is released (ok so I already bought COTBP) so I can buy the collectors box set which I know will be released at that time.