PERSONA5 The Animation - Episode 19


At this rate, Christmas will burn
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Streaming: Crunchyroll (Japanese with English subtitles)


In this episode Ren & co. are on a school trip to Hawaii, but as soon as they get back something terrible has happened and the public believe the Phantom Thieves are responsible. In the end the team are debating on whether to approach their next target only for Morgana to get upset and leaves the group.

This episode is notoriously bad in terms of animation. CloverWorks continue to offer more drops in quality control:








If you're curious to know how much is left in terms of the adaptation I have bad news for you - there are 5 episodes left and that won't be enough to finish the next four arcs we have incoming.


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But I don’t even know how P4A did it now.
According to MAL 25 episodes plus an OVA of the "true ending". And looking it up apparently there's 5 endings for P5!

I think I must have got the normal one, I don't think anything particularly "bad" happened (I definitely got one of the bad ones on P4G 😭). So maybe they'll do a "bad" ending if it cuts the story short like the one I got on P4G did, or just literally stop at a good point (like when the story catches up to the present) and then release a film or OVA with the true ending? With what's left of the story there's definitely not enough episodes to finish with the 24 original count or even the 25 that P4A got.


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This displeases me as there needs to be a part 3 at least for a somewhat proper conclusion and the use of Hifumi was wrong.
I'd prefer they do a part 3 to do an ep with her along with the reporter or another character.