Finally got around to getting it yesterday - It seems the dark days of not being able to find the anime I want in the shops around here are returning - but anyway, it was great in all. Completely mindbending of course, and reminding me more of Millennium Actress than Kon's other work. I would have liked something perhaps a little darker, but I suppose that is what Paranoia Agent was for. This was pretty funny, very clever, and utterly surreal, and was extremely good for it.

Now to watch it ten more times to fully understand it... :roll:


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Yeah, first time I watched it I was like "What the hell?!" But on a second viewing I got to grips with it and thought it was brilliant, pretty much what I expect from Satoshi Kon these days.


Work of art!! I loved this movie and yes that song does burn itself into your brain. Film was soo colourfull, I just couldn't take my eyes off it.

Top marks. 8)


Well Kon is one of my favourite people in Anime (Alongside Miyazaki and Yoshitisho ABe) and there are very few critasisms I can make of his work at all. Stelar stuff which always makes you think, and that is the best bit about it.


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I saw this at the Cambridge Film Festival and it looks even better on the big screen :wink:
I brought the dvd as soon as it was out and enjoy re-watching it because there is so much going on in some of the scenes that can be missed the first time.It is a brillant film with a great story and amazing animation.


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I thought it was excellent, I'd be hard pushed to think of a better anime movie outside of Studio Ghibli and a few select others like Akira and so on.