Pale Cocoon


Completely Average High School Student
The 23 minutes short film Pale Cocoon by Yasuhiro Yoshiura has recently been released on R2 Japan DVD. This one-man project is a quiet sci-fi story that is well worth seeing. The film has english subtitles.

Included on the DVD is another short by Yoshiura, Aquatic Language, with optional english dub.

You can find some more information HERE.


Ghost of Animes
This sounds very interesting, looking into it right now. I'm all for these experimental animation shorts, I can think of several that I have loved in recent years (Voices of the Distant Star, Comedy, Tortov Roddle etc).
Ah, I've finally got round to watching it after having it sat on my hard drive for a week or so, and it is certainly a gorgeous and touching watch, although the complimentry plot explanation .pdf is needed.


Death Scythe
*sigh* my 'to watch' list grows still longer...

Honestly though, it's encouraging to see independent people coming up with quality stuff - all this talk of problems in the industry, market saturation and so on is rather worrying for any fan so it's great to see the small fry flourishing in their own way. Just look at the guy who did Voices of a Distant Star - one man and his Mac! I haven't been fortunate enough to see The Places Promised in our Early Days either, but I've heard nothing but rave reviews about it.


Completely Average High School Student
Speaking of independent projects, you may want to take a look at Wakusei Daikaiju Negadon (Negadon – the Monster from Mars), also out on R2J DVD (no subtitles).

The 25 minutes short is a fully CG rendition and has a feel reminiscent of old Japanese monster movies. The story is super-cliché (kind of the point) and I would label the film “interestingâ€