own manga in the UK


Death Scythe
You'd have to go via Viz USA as the UK branch just distributes

On their website it says

2. Can I submit my story ideas/manga for SHONEN JUMP?
At the present moment, all of the manga that appears in our magazines come directly from manga that has been serialized and published in Japan.

3. How can I get in touch with a manga creator?
You can send in fan letters to our office and we'll do our best to forward them along to the manga creator. Please send all mail to:
SHONEN JUMP P.O. Box 77010 San Francisco, CA 94107


Thousand Master

Submission Guidelines

Yen Press is interested in a broad spectrum of material and will happily review unsolicited graphic novel submissions of any sort although due to time constraints we may not be able to respond to each with anything other than a courteous note indicating that your submission was received. Rest assured that if we are interested, we will be contacting you!


Currently, Yen Press is not looking for original projects from writers who are not already working directly with an illustrator. Please do not send us your original concepts in the hopes that we will assign an illustrator to you. Such concept pitches will be deleted unread.


Yen Press is interested in a wide variety of material in an equally wide variety of styles. Please feel free to submit your portfolio to us demonstrating as broad a range of your ability as possible. Ideally, you should include some samples of stills, original character designs and a minimum of five to ten pages of sequential art in various stages. Show us samples of your pencils, inks and coloring where applicable. Please also submit a copy of your résumé and indicate whether or not you are willing to work on assignment.

Perhaps most importantly, though, tell us what sorts of projects excite you!


If you are interested in pitching a project to Yen Press, please include a project summary (indicating your intended audience), a plot outline complete with character descriptions and initial concept designs, and as above a minimum of five to ten pages of sequential art in various stages. This does not have to be final art for the project in question although that would be welcome.

In the US of course. Any decent-sized publisher would be, though.