One Punch Man Television Anime Receives Green-Light


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff

So powerful that he can overcome any enemy with just one punch!

Yuusuke Murata's manga adaptation of ONE's web comic One Punch Man is set to become a television anime, as confirmed by Japan's Young Jump magazine. The cast and staff working on the series are currently set to be revealed during the Anime Japan 2015 event between 21st-22nd March.

In a world where giant monster attacks are as common as a weekday, the powerful and powerfully plain-looking Saitama enlists in the Hero Association, an organisation of heroes comitted to fighting the threats humanity faces. Despite having the ability to defeat most enemies with a single punch however, Saitama struggles to gain the trust of the hero community and even starts to grow bored - wanting to find an opponent who can fight him.

Viz Media have been serialising One Punch Man in the English edition of their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, as well as publishing the volumes digitally.



Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
I have to admit, I do enjoy One Punch Man very much. I am curious as to how the anime adaptation will work though; I wonder if a run-time of 10-15 minutes per episode would be best?


Mad Scientist
I have to admit I always found the manga a little overrated - it's entertaining and does action brilliantly, but I found it to be a little style over substance at times. If you strip away the interesting stylistic choices it's not really any different from any other Shonen series.

Interested to see how the anime comes out though - feels like they'd need to spend serious money on it for it to look any where near as good as the manga does.


Woke up to this news earlier this morning, made me all giddy inside. It's pretty superb to me honestly, because it breaks the mold in so many ways. The biggest thing to watch with it though is how will they animate it? Since there is that big argument that, if they don't do it well "just read the manga, it's better animated".

@Joshawott: i think half episodes maybe best too, both because of how much has been covered so far and the way in which the chapters play out. Also Murata has a tendency to release half chapters, 4 page extensions and re-write chapters each issue, so it would work to his pace as well.