One Piece Pirate Warriors


Combat Butler
Has anyone played this? If so is it any good and would you recommend it?

Also do you have to be upto a certain point with the anime to not have anything spoiled? I've only watched the first 150 or so eps of One Piece so far, too many episodes to watch around the same time :lol:

Reason i ask is that it's only £5.79 on PSN atm or £5.21 for me because of the PS+ discount so i'm quite tempted to get it :D


Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
AUKN Staff
I own the game and I enjoyed it. It's basically Dynasty Warriors meets One Piece.

In terms of spoilers, it covers a bit of the New World as a prologue but then recaps everything before then (like East Blue and Alabasta for instance). I only played about 8 levels because I haven't read Skypiea yet.

Pirate Warriors 2 is said to be a filler story set during New World (same goes for Unlimited World Red).


The first one is pretty nice actually, fairly good brainless fun. It very swiftly covers some major events from the series, but a lot of it is obviously cut out. The second one i've not tried yet, but i hear it's an alternate take on the world(they apparently don't go to skypiea until the new world, which is what this one covers partially covers).

Honestly, if you enjoy Dynasty Warriors, you're more than likely going to enjoy this to some extent, much the same with if you where to pick up Dynasty Warriors Gundam.