One Piece Movie 9


Ghost of Animes
Drum Island is one of my favorite arcs from One Piece (in terms of back story, I'd probably rate it higher than Nico Robin's Buster Call) but that doesn't change the fact that this is an utter cash-in that exists only to bleed more money out of the tired Japanese public. I wish they would go back to the style of Movie 6 and create something unique - I'd love to see the characters taken in new directions by a different creative team, but I guess Toei just want more money :(


Baka Ranger
The writing staff have the creative genius of the guys who brought you Naruto filler. Nico Robin and Franky... what if they were placed in Drum Island!?


Brigade Leader
All I can say about this is that it better deliver.

Movie 8 was a complete pile of ****.

And why is Toei now deciding to remake their previous story arcs? What else are they going to remake? Arlong arc? Kuro arc? Skypea arc?

The only good thing about the Alabasta remake is that American audiences will get to hear the new voices for Vivi, Crocodile, Baroque Works & Pell instead of the craptastic 4Kids dub.

And I agree with Paul: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island kicked ass.