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My copy of the last DVD arrived last week and i was so impressed with it i had to ask what everyone else here thought about it. It's not really what i'd expect an anime show to be script and location-wise but it had me completely hooked!


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This serie was great i frist saw it when it started comeing out on fansub after watching it i knew i had to have it on dvd. The only problem i have with this serie is there where to many flash backs and the flash backs showed you the same thing over and over again but all in all i really like this serie one of the frist i got on fansub.


Death Scythe
yeah, the flashbacks can get a bit tedious at times, but there is a clue in there that hints at the identity of mireille's parents' killer before it is actually revaled. i'll try to spot it myself next time i watch the series through.


Death Scythe
ADV invariably release boxsets and stuff in the US first, so it's likely that we'll hear about a region 1 'Noir: Perfect Collection' before a region 2 version. since there hasn't been any news of a region 1 boxset so far, i think we're in for a long wait.


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Noir is one of my favorite anime around

the soundtrack for the entire series is phenomenal, and realy helps to set the tone. and there are so manty cool action set pieces in it. just a all round great show.


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This Noir sounds pretty damn good (though I have seen the tralier and was quite impressed with what I saw).

I'll have to get it sometime this year when the 101 other animes have been dealt with. :wink: :D