Ni No Kuni Review


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Mate, if you don't like a film then feel free to cast your opinion but don't end your review advising people to avoid it :confused:


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I'm in agreement with Darkstorm here, it's really not worth the time it takes to watch it.

I gave it a watch when it came onto Netflix as I love the games (even if the second one wasn't anywhere near as good as the original), but this film is hardly Ni No Kuni at all. At best it has some small nods here and there but at worst it's a terrible fantasy using the brand.

The characters have no direction, change their opinions and personalities to suit the narrative multiple times and aren't even remotely likeable. It's a really bad film if you're a NNK fan and even if you can look past that there are so many better things you could be watching. Especially since Netflix just added all those ghibli films.