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I'm finally going to do some cosplay this year. Maybe even at the IMAF 2005 but was wondering... as I catch the train do people usually travel in their costumes or do people tend to change when they get there? ???
My costumes tend to be extreme.
I have a tendency to dress as a playboy bunny looking like mitsume from love hina lol Did that for a friends 21st which was an all nighter in London and was at London bridge station 6am with a forming hangover dressed as a bunny lol very amusing now but not at the time ;)

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I alwayz travel in my costumes no matter how exstream they are i tend to take a change of cloths with me though so i go back in normal cloths :3 get steared at quite a bit mind u but its something u can live with ^_^ though never been quite as exstream as A PB bunny so dunno bout that lolz :3


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I wouldn't travel in a costume, not if it's elaborate! You could have it ruined on the journey. Just take it in a bag and get changed in the toilets!